‘Love And Hip-Hop: Atlanta’ Rumors: Stevie J Is Going To Jail?

The drama on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta makes it the most beloved — and, arguably, the most ratchet — show in the franchise. And now, the latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors suggest that we can further add to the ratchetry by adding yet another mugshot to the already substantial lineup, because Stevie J — currently embroiled in a bitter court battle with Joseline Hernandez, his possible baby mama — is about to be carted off to jail for missing his child support!

That’s right: the latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors put forth by WetPaint suggest that Stevie J will finally have to face the music when it comes to actually taking care of the kids that he put on the Earth. The sometime producer turned reality star left his court-ordered rehab on Monday, October 17, to appear in court, where he plead guilty to deliberately missing the child support payment for two of his children.

Stevie, whose real name is Steven Jordan, owed more than $1 million in back child support to these two children and was required to pay a monthly fee of more than $8,000 to the mother of these two children. He faces six months in prison and a $5,000 fine when he is sentenced in January 2017. He will also be required to pay full restitution to the mother of his children.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rumors Stevie J

Needless to say, these latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors aren’t sitting well with Stevie J, as BET reports. It turns out that this child support case has escalated to the federal level, so that means the penalties are sharper and have greater ramifications than a child support case on a local, or state, level.

And despite Stevie J’s claims that the entire case was “bull****,” and that he was a good father to his children, he was later found sniffing cocaine and tested positive for the drug (hence the court-ordered rehab). He also maintained that he was “in the right,” and that the mother of his children was merely trying to trap him in collusion with the courts to “bring him down” because she was jealous of his success.

He further demonstrated how “in the right” he was by posting a shirtless selfie as he was leaving court-ordered rehab, because… apparently, we all needed to see that.

Stevie J Joseline Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Rumors

None of this bodes well for Stevie J’s pending court case against his other potential baby mama, Joseline Hernandez. We’ll recall, in a previous report from The Inquisitr about the latest Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta rumors, that Joseline is currently facing a lawsuit from Stevie J because he claims she “slandered” him.

In addition to accusing him of inappropriately touching his daughter, Eva (whose mother is Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust), Joseline reportedly told people that Stevie J is gay and that he worshiped the devil. Stevie feels that Joseline is ruining his name and therefore filed the lawsuit to get her to stop “publicly bashing him.”

But if Stevie J ends up serving jail time for this latest child support snafu, he just might find his case against Joseline has no legs. In court, truth is an absolute defense against any claim of slander and libel, and Stevie J’s conviction ultimately proves the very essence of Joseline’s statements against him.

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