Nicki Minaj Slammed By Meek Mill: Have They Broken Up Over Drake? [Report]

Nicki Minaj appears to be taking some serious heat from boyfriend Meek Mill amid claims that Drake is looking to start dating her.

According to several reports, Mill appeared to take aim at Nicki in social media on October 18, allegedly blasting Minaj amid rumors she could be growing closer to Drake before he then deleted his Instagram account entirely.

Urban Islandz is alleging that Meek posted a number of pretty scathing messages seemingly referring to his relationship with Minaj to his social media account, though he didn’t explicitly mention her name, in which he also appeared to slam Nicki and his long time feud mate, Drake.

According to the site, Meek wrote in one post, “When it’s going down these n****s nowhere to [be] found most of these n****s [be] so temporary… b*****s [be] so temporary,” seemingly suggesting that he and Nicki may have broken up.

Urban Islandz also posted a screen shot of another post allegedly uploaded to Instagram by Meek, which read, “Say she f*****g with him… I’m like she f****** wit who? Cuz now she f*****g wit me “tuh” #YOUKNOWWWWWWW.”

The site noted that the Instagram comments alleged to have been made my Meek can’t be verified as Mill has now deleted his Instagram account, though the messages supposedly uploaded by the rapper and directed and Nicki come just days after reports claimed that Drake, who’s notably been locked in a pretty nasty feud with Mill in the past, is now looking to date Minaj.

Hollywood Life claimed that, following his recent breakup with Rihanna, Drake now has his sights set on dating Nicki, who has been dating Meek for the past two years, as an insider claimed that he’s actually “infatuated” with her.

Revealing that Drake now plans to be “dating around the block” until Nicki becomes single, the source told the site that Minaj “is the epitome of everything he wants in a woman,” which could suggest Drake is the man Mill appeared to be referring to in the posts reportedly uploaded to his now deleted Instagram.

Drake & Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj, Drake, and Meek Mill are yet to officially speak out amid the latest drama, though Urban Islandz claimed that Minaj and Mill may have already broken up because Minaj was growing tired of Mill’s constant feuds with other rappers including Drake and The Game and felt that his feuds were affecting her career.

“[Nicki] is starting to feel like he is becoming a liability for her career because he is going around beefing with every rapper,” a source told the site of Minaj and Mill’s alleged breakup, claiming that Nicki was starting to believe that Meek’s drama was “alienating her in some hip hop circles including among her labelmates like Drake.”

“There are real concerns among her team that his reputation is bad for business,” continued the Nicki insider before the Drake dating rumors began to swirl, adding that when Minaj confronted her possibly now former boyfriend about the situation he “flipped.”

But while sources are claiming that Nicki and Meek may have already broken up, Minaj didn’t allude trouble in paradise when it comes to her two-year relationship with the rapper during a recent interview on the Ebro In The Morning Show, though Minaj did admit that she was tired of Mill’s constant feuds.

“I think everybody’s over [the beefing]. I mean come on. It’s pretty played out. It’s over,” Nicki said of the feud drama surrounding Meek and Drake, as well as a slew of other rappers, according to

Nicki also confessed in the interview that Meek doesn’t even always tell her when he’s about to slam another artist amid a feud, though Minaj did not confirm reports suggesting that the two have been through a breakup.

“There are times where he doesn’t share with me what he’s about to do. Especially when it’s like battle rap stuff,” Nicki admitted, without referring to the Drake dating rumors. “He’ll go in and just do him, and then I’ll react like a fan.”

Nicki’s comments also came just days after Complex reported that Meek slammed Drake and his alleged feelings for Minaj in a freestyle rap.

What do you think of Meek Mill’s alleged Instagram comments about Nicki Minaj amid the Drake dating rumors?

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