‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie Is In Danger-Will Claudette’s Plans For Charlotte Backfire?

Claudette is up to no good on General Hospital, and Maxie Jones is right in the middle of it. Her life may be in danger because of Nathan’s ex-wife as she is not telling the truth about why she came to town in the first place and whose daughter Charlotte really is. Now trouble has followed her to Port Charles as more details will soon emerge on Claudette’s mysterious secret.

It is all about to get ugly as Maxie presented Nathan with a new DNA test that proves he is not Charlotte’s father after all. It will be a huge disappointment for him as he was just warming up to the idea of being a father, but now they will know that Claudette has been lying to them the whole time. According to General Hospital spoilers by Soaps She Knows, Maxie is expected to run off to face the not-so-doting mother to let her in on the fact that they know that she is lying to them about who the daddy is. Unfortunately, someone else will be there instead.

A man is waiting in the shadows and even though she doesn’t appear to the target, Maxie will end up being attacked by him. It looks like she is mistaken for Claudette and her life could be in danger because of it. Where is Claudette if she is not in her hotel room? She is over at the gym trying to once again convince Griffin Munro that they need to be together, despite his priesthood.

As seen on Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, Claudette dropped her daughter off at Maxie and Nathan’s apartment so her supposed daddy could spend some time getting to know the little girl. She headed off to find her former lover to talk him into running off with her. Just wait until he finds out that she lied about Charlotte’s paternity. Is Griffin actually her father?


This whole story line has viewers trying to figure out whose child this is. It is a mystery, and there are a few speculations on why Claudette brought this girl to town. One scenario is that she is Valentin Cassadine’s daughter and that is the reason that he is after her. However, Claudette told Griffin that she was not meant to be a mother, which is why she wants to leave her child with Nathan and Maxie and run off with him. This scene has many wondering if she is not Charlotte’s mother after all, which would play right into another speculation.

Most General Hospital fans are leaning towards Charlotte being Lulu’s child with Stavros Cassadine after Helena managed to save their embryo from the explosion. Claudette could have been just the surrogate and is now stuck with being her only guardian and now wants to pawn her off. How does Valentin play into all of this? That has yet to be revealed, but it could have something to do with the Cassadine fortune.

There is also a spoiler put out by Celebrity Dirty Laundry that says Dante and Lulu will eventually return to Cassadine Island in Greece just in time for November sweeps. There is another little girl named Athena that is supposed to be discovered there and this is rumored to be Lulu’s daughter. This story has been a long time coming and has kept General Hospital viewers guessing as to how this will all play out. It sounds like next month will wrap this up. Could Charlotte actually be Athena or are there two separate plots going on?

Claudette spilled that Valentin was threatening her and Charlotte because she had walked out on their relationship. She said that they went into hiding, but she has now brought her daughter out in the open. What has changed? Does she figure that Nathan can protect her better than she can? Or is there something more to this strange web of lies?

However this all plays out, it looks like Nathan will forgive Maxie for the secret DNA test, and they are still going ahead with their wedding plans. Maybe having Maxie’s attack brought them even closer. Griffin is expected to reject Claudette’s offer to run off together, so he may just join forces with Maxie to figure out the truth.

Who are Charlotte’s parents and where does Athena fit into all of this? Stay tuned to General Hospital as everything should be revealed soon.

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