‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Orpheus Get Captured By An Unlikely Duo?

Days of Our Lives spoilers are in, and it looks like another member of the terrible trio might be at the end of his rope. As the Inquisitr reported, one of the escaped convicts, Orpheus, was planning to commit suicide and be done with terrorizing the residents of Salem, but as we found out shortly, Orpheus did not end up committing suicide as everyone suspected, which means he’s still on the loose.

It was stated that Orpheus had several bombs; one on Jennifer’s body, and another in Brady’s Pub, which is the exact location where John, Marlena, Hope, and Jennifer were. We learned that Orpheus’ plan doesn’t go according to plan because John calls the bomb squad and has everyone evacuate the pub. That said, when the bomb squad doesn’t show up, John acts like a martyr of sorts and gives himself over to Orpheus in exchange for everyone else’s lives. Orpheus disarms the bombs and takes John as a hostage on foot.

Days of Our Lives spoilers state that Orpheus might meet his demise without creating more mass hysteria for the residents of Salem. According to SoapShows, it’s the unlikely pairing of John and Steve that might take down Orpheus once and for all. Orpheus’ demise has been coming to a head for a while now, and he finally has his nemesis, John, captured, which means something huge is about to go down. As stated, John had surrendered himself to Orpheus, but it’s believed that before the escaped convict can kill John, Steve arrives on the scene to take down Orpheus. Steve points his own gun at the convict, and a good old-fashioned standoff between both of the men ensues.

Although it’s not yet known whether or not Orpheus finally meets his maker, it’s suspected that Steve’s plan goes well because spoilers state that John has an emotional reunion with Marlena. However, the question of Steve’s safety still lingers.

In couple’s news, Days of Our Lives spoilers state Justin and Adrienne are long over, but it’s said that as Adrienne prepares to walk down the aisle with Lucas, Justin might have to examine feelings that he has left over for his ex-wife. The near death experience has Justin racing over to check on Adrienne, and while he’s doing that, it’s reported that he might realize that he’s not over her. The real question becomes if Adrienne is open to what Justin has to say to her if he even says anything before she walks down the aisle.

As for Salem’s escaped convicts, now that we know it’s all closing in on Orpheus, it looks like things are collapsing on the terrible trio. If Orpheus is indeed taken down by John and Steve, he will be another member of the three men to meet his end.

Earlier Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed that Clyde, another villain, finally went down after he was set up at the DiMera mansion. He thought his plan to kidnap baby Thomas was going off without a hitch, but instead, what he believed to be Thomas’ cries was actually a doll and a recording device underneath. While Clyde is duped, Andre rescues Adrienne and Lucas. It’s then that Clyde gets locked in the panic room, which gives time for the police to arrive and bring Clyde back to prison where he belongs.

Do you think Orpheus will finally be taken down on the next DOOL?

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