‘The Originals’ Season 4: Air Date, Spoilers And Things To Expect

The Originals Season 4 has been split from The Vampire Diaries and pushed to midseason on CW. The official air date is yet to be announced; however, The Originals is expected to return in 2017.

During the Comic-Con panel, The Originals stars Joseph Morgan, Daniel Gillies, Phoebe Tonkin, Charles Michael Davis, Yusuf Gatewood and Riley Voelkel gave us some spoilers and things to expect in The Original Season 4.

In The Originals’ Season 3 finale, “The Bloody Crown,” Marcel made use of his new abilities to wage war on the Mikaelsons. He recruited Klaus’ vampire enemies who launched a surprise attack on the family compound.

At the beginning, Klaus was happy that Marcel is alive, but his former protégé had other plans.

Elijah tried to direct Marcel’s rage toward himself to save his family. Kol was angered and wanted revenge for Davina because he also loved her. Marcel blamed Kol, and all hell broke loose.

Klaus was eventually put on trial to answer for everything he has done after Hayley brought back Rebekah.

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So what can you expect in The Originals Season 4?

How will Hayley explain the that Elijah is Hope’s uncle, but also her boyfriend, after the time jump? We will get to see more of Hope’s personality is the upcoming season. Klaus has a good side and bad side to his character… how much of it will emerge in Hope is yet to be determined.

It can be expected that Klaus eventually makes it out of that wall with Hayley’s assistance. Joseph Morgan told TVLine that he thinks his character will miss not seeing her grow up and will try and make her understand the sacrifice he made.

Vincent Griffith and Marcel will maintain their alliance, but the two characters will not be friends anytime soon.

Hayley will likely be a very powerful vampire that helps the Mikaelsons regain their power. Elijah will have some relationship issues with his niece while Klaus is gone. After the five-year time jump, you can expect some tension in the Mikaelson family when Klaus is freed from the wall in The Originals Season 4.

According to TVLine, Hayley will have a specific task and her character will play a major role after the five-year time jump:

“Hayley’s journey to save everyone will require her to “locate the seven werewolf packs … so she has a very difficult journey ahead of her,” Narducci said. “She has to explore the werewolf side that’s going to connect her to those packs.”

Christina Moses is joining the cast in The Originals Season 4. Her character Keelin is an ER doctor and a werewolf who is being hunted for a venom cure. She ends up being a prisoner of the Mikaelson family, and she will try and find ways out of that situation.

During the TVLine interview, creator Julie Pec explains why Cami and Davina’s deaths were necessary.

“It’s a hard thing to explain,” Plec began.

“You start to feel a redundancy of heroes. If you continue down a certain storyline, you’ll end up taking people in a direction that will isolate them. You get the urge to mix things up and to make things very tragic … so that you can always feel fresh, and you don’t have nine people telling the same story. … We needed to pull the family as tightly together as possible, and excise some of the characters who might conflict with [that plan].”

There will be some romance in The Originals Season 4, as the Keelin character will be bisexual, and some old flames may come back together.

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