Kim Kardashian: Concierge Finally Gives Detailed Account Of Paris Robbery

The hotel staff caught in the middle of the Kardashian heist has finally given a detailed account of what really happened, the Daily Mail is reporting.

The hotel worker, who asked only to be identified by his first name, Abdurahman, because he fears for his life, said he allowed the men dressed in police uniform into the hotel after being conned into thinking there was an emergency at the hotel.

The 39-year-old Algerian revealed he was working as a temporary security guard at the hotel to fund his doctorate studies and tried to throw the masked men off the reality star’s scent by denying knowing who Kim Kardashian was. The father-of-one said he was grabbed “by the scruff of his neck,” threatened with death, and forced to open her door with a spare key at the front desk.

The North African staffer, who said the harrowing ordeal began around 2:35 a.m., stated that when they entered Kim’ bedroom, she was in bed. According to Abdulrahman, Mrs. Kardashian-West was saying, ‘hello? Hello?’ as she heard the key turn in the lock, and her tone of her voice changed when she did not hear any response. He said the reality star started screaming when the robbers barged in, saying she had children and only a small amount of cash in the apartment.

“She was crying, she was screaming, saying, don’t kill me. I have babies, don’t kill me please…I’m a mom. Take whatever you want.”

The concierge cum security guard said he pleaded with one of the men not to hurt her and was assured that they only came for money, and if there was no resistance, there would not be any problems. The 39-year-old staffer said Kim continued to scream and was told by one of the men to keep quiet. He said he begged her to quiet down and be calm.

“One of the gang men kept telling her to shut up. I put my hand on her hand shoulder and told her to be calm. I said, ‘you have to be silent’. She asked me, ‘are we going to die?’ I said, ‘I don’t know, how can I know?”’

The father-of-one said Kim was still screaming when she was bound, gagged and dumped on the floor of her luxury bathroom. Abdulrahman recalled that the men were in full police uniforms complete with hats and jackets with reflective badges. He counted three men in all; two were wearing balaclavas, and the third had pulled his jacket collar up to his eyes to mask his appearance.

The Ph.D. student said when the men masquerading as police officers asked for the security cameras, he knew they were not the police. Abdulrahman said it took a few minutes to convince the robbers that there were no CCTV cameras or armed guards prowling the hotel. He said they had threatened to shoot him if he was lying.

Abdulrahman said he tried to make the men abandon the heist by telling them that guests would be arriving soon. This ruffled the men who shoved the father-of-one into a stairwell behind an emergency door as they discussed their next strategy.

Abdulrahman said it was then one of the men pushed open the door and asked where the “wife of the rapper” was staying. This was when the man tried to throw them off by referring to a colleague who was an up and coming rapper.

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“I tried to confuse things, because my friend who also works in the night security is a rapper, I said, ‘you mean the black guy? I gave his name.’ He told me ‘no, I mean the wife of the rapper.’ I told him, ‘the rapper is not here,’ they insisted, ‘is the wife here…don’t lie, or we will kill you.”

The Ph.D. student said he finally admitted that Kim Kardashian was in the hotel, but he begged the men not to harm her. Abdulrahman said the thieves got angry when Kim would not stop screaming and did not understand a word of French. The Algerian said they calmed down after he stepped in as an interpreter for them and the mother-of-two.

Abdulrahman said during the robbery, Kardashian bodyguard, Pascal Duvier had called Kim’s Blackberry. He was told by one of the thieves to switch the phone off. He had told the robbers that it was Kim’s bodyguard calling and if the 35-year-old model and entrepreneur did not answer, the bodyguard would be rushing back to the apartment in minutes.

According to him, they left quickly when he said that, leaving their rucksack open and spilling part of their stolen stash as they made their escape. Abdulrahman said Duvier and Kim’s driver arrived less than five minutes later.

An infuriated Abdulrahman revealed shocking security lapses about the hotel, adding that he had complained about the lax measures for years to hotel management and how it endangered the lives of guests, but it all fell on deaf ears.

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