October 19, 2016
'Jack Reacher: Never Go Back' Star Tom Cruise Says He Lives Off The Grid

Tom Cruise is making the rounds promoting his latest film, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, and the Hollywood legend reveals that there are some ways in which he feels connected to the character. In a recent interview, Cruise says he admires Jack Reacher for the way in which he makes every effort to live off the grid, distancing himself from the internet and social media. Reacher isn't drawn to the various screens that keep so much of society enslaved to our electronic devices and Tom says that's a great trait to admire.

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Star Tom Cruise Lives Off The Grid

For Tom Cruise, living off the grid isn't just something he wishes he could do in his own life. Cruise says he does live off the grid as much as he can, disconnecting from electronic devices when he's not required to stay connected for work purposes.

"Sometimes I have to for work, but I keep it very limited," says Cruise. "I don't spend time doing that kind of stuff."

Tom suggests that most people have a secret interest in being able to disconnect and step away from the social media influences to which so many have become enslaved. He says his Jack Reacher: Never Go Back character presents a lifestyle envied by most people, particularly because he goes wherever he likes and takes greater interest in meeting people. Cruise adds that, while everyone else has their eyes glued to a variety of screens, Jack Reacher is out there, seeing the world and meeting new and interesting people.

Tom Cruise says he also enjoys playing Jack Reacher, because it's a very active role and he still likes to get out there and do his own stunts. Even though the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back star has always had a passion for doing his own stunts, Tom says he has never been seriously injured.

"It's interesting, because I've never missed a day of work. You get whacked. There are days I'm limping into work," Cruise says. "Even before I made movies, I've never been late to work. I've never missed a day of work. But I prepare very diligently for all of these...It's very grueling, my schedule. I work seven days a week, usually."

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back Reunites Edward Zwick And Tom Cruise

Edward Zwick hasn't worked with Tom Cruise since 2003's The Last Samurai. The director sees the irony that Jack Reacher: Never Go Back should reunite him with Tom, because he feels this film is also the story of a samurai. Zwick sees Jack Reacher as someone closely related to the hero of Akira Kurosawa's stories, Yojimbo.

"The ronin were those masterless men who roamed around, and yet they found themselves getting involved in circumstances they hadn't expected," says the Jack Reacher director. "I guess it's kind of funny that Tom and I would find a sort of analogue of that in this story."

British writer Lee Child created the Jack Reacher character as the lead in 20 of his novels, so there may be hopes that the film will be successful enough to keep bringing back Cruise for more sequels, possibly providing competition for the James Bond films. While Zwick is supportive of Christopher McQuarrie's efforts in directing 2012's Jack Reacher, he does say he felt there could have been more exposition and greater characterization, particularly with the history of Cruise's character.

"I thought there was more to be revealed, to be explored, about this man and how cut off he is from the world," says the Jack Reacher: Never Go Back director. "I thought how interesting to take somebody who has chosen to remain apart and force him to go deep into a relationship with these two women."

Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, starring Tom Cruise, Cobie Smulders, and Aldis Hodge, is set to open in theaters on October 21.

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