October 20, 2016
'Pokemon Sun' And 'Moon': More Alola Pokemon, Split-Evolution Starters Still To Be Revealed? [SPOILERS]

Was the entire Alola Pokedex really leaked with the release of the demo yesterday? Initially, it seemed like the answer was yes. Info that has come out since, however, suggests that no, what Pokemon fans saw of the Gen Seven Pokedex was probably only part of the final product.

Before you read any further, spoiler warning! Data miners dug into the code of the Pokemon Sun and Moon demo released yesterday and extracted a ton of new Pokemon designs, game mechanics, and plot info. If you do not want to be spoiled on Pokemon Sun and Moon, stay far away from this article. If, however, you eat up these juicy reveals, read on.

Perhaps the biggest sign that there are more new Pokemon to be discovered is what was said by the dataminer who revealed what has been unearthed. In the video in which he unveils his discoveries, he himself writes that "few sprites were not included in the demo." He does qualify this by saying that the omitted Pokemon sprites "are mainly just the Totem Pokemon," but it does show that not everything was found.
Also, what about the Chinese Leak? For those not up-to-date with Pokemon Sun and Moon news, the Chinese Leak is the name for a bunch of Sun and Moon information leaked back in early July. Since then, a good portion of the information it predicted, much of which is far too specific to be guesswork, has been confirmed in The Pokemon Company's official game teasers. The leak has been covered in depth by The Inquisitr. Some of yesterday's datamined Pokemon Sun and Moon details, such as the sprites of the final starter evolutions, only went further in erasing any doubt that the Chinese Leak is the real deal. A transcript of the actual leak on Neogaf can be viewed here.

Pokemon fans familiar with the leak know it says the Alola Pokedex will include a Pokemon based on a dolphin and one based on a snowman. Since the leak is accurate, where are those two Pokemon? Nothing seen in the datamine matches those descriptions.

There are many, many discussion threads about the "incomplete Alola dex" theory on Pokemon's Reddit forums, and posters in those forums make a variety of great points in support of it. Some of the more salient points made and questions asked include:
  • The leak does not seem to include a pair of two-stage fossil Pokemon, a staple in the main series Pokemon games. The Wimpod line seems like it could be one of the pair, but how about the other?
  • What about evolutions for Komala and Pyukumuku? Those two Pokemon are practically begging for evolutions to the point where the Pokemon community just assumed they would have them. Not including them does not make sense.
  • The official Pokemon site says that Solgaleo and Lunala each have a distinct form that is assumed during battle, yet neither of the forms is shown in the leak. It is not that alternate forms of the same Pokemon species are not shown; Lycanroc and Oricorio both disprove that. So where are the alternate forms of the legendaries?
Back in the August edition of Corocoro, it was revealed and relayed in The Inquisitr that the Pokemon Rockruff shares a secret with the three starters. After Rockruff's split-evolution was revealed, it was assumed that was the secret, a theory The Inquisitr also covered. So where are the starters' second evolutions?

How about the Chinese Riddler, another Pokemon Sun and Moon leaker whose information has been proven reliable. His most recent leak, which was covered by iDigitalTimes, specified how many new Pokemon of each type we would be seeing, and this datamine directly contradicts it.

Past trailers have confirmed that each island of Alola has its own Pokedex. Is it possible that the "datamined dex" is only the Pokedex of one island? The Melemele Pokedex, for example.

Game-makers leaking info about an upcoming game and claiming the leak was an accident when it was actually done on purpose would be nothing new. It has been done in the past to build hype, and although The Pokemon Company has never done anything like that before, they may very well be doing it now. If so, many Pokemon fans on Reddit point out, it would be a great way to advertise the games while putting a stop to unauthorized leaks. If Pokemon hackers think they have uncovered everything, they will stop looking for more to dig up. Pokemon lover and Reddit user Olympicmew does an excellent job of summing up this idea in a comment thread on the subject.

"I'm thinking about whole music albums or singles getting 'accidentally' leaked weeks before release. It's just another channel for generating hype, one that also gives fans a sense of accomplishment since it makes them feel like they got the information themselves rather than having it spoonfed to them."
Pokemon fans all over the internet were shocked by how much data Gamefreak left in the demo to be extrapolated. Was it an intentional marketing ploy, though?

"What if everything left in was stuff that is going to be in the Demo/revealed before the games come out?" asks another Pokemon fan, TreeKeeper15, on the same thread. "It seems like they put way too much effort into removing new info to let something this big through. One big indication of this is the fact that there aren't actually very many new Pokemon that aren't related to an already revealed Pokemon."

If that is the case, who knows how many more new Pokemon Gamefreak has hidden up its sleeve? We will find out for sure when Pokemon Sun and Moon are released on November 18.

For now, though, what do you think? Are the datamined Pokemon really all the new monsters we will be seeing from Pokemon Sun and Moon, or are there still some waiting in the wings? Make yourself heard in the comments section below!

And as always, Train On, Pokemon fans.

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