Bernie Sanders Is A ‘Doofus,’ Hillary Clinton Campaign Manager Allegedly Says In Leaked Email

Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton’s former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, was allegedly contemptuously described as a “doofus” by Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta.

That revelation, if authentic, is contained in the latest WikiLeaks release of hacked emails.

“With another 33,000 or so emails left until election day, we expect the emergence of another Trump ‘sexual assault’ accuser to emerge momentarily,” the Zero Hedge website quipped about part 11 of the Podesta email dump.

Bernie Sanders, the Vermont senator, endorsed Hillary Clinton in July to the dismay of many of his followers, and has since been campaigning for her around the country. Some in the Bernie Sanders cohort believe Democrat insiders rigged the primary process to prevent the insurgent, anti-establishment candidate from becoming the party’s standard-bearer, and previous WikiLeaks revelations suggesting favoritism toward Clinton prompted the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz and several other party officials.

“Top officials at the Democratic National Committee criticized and mocked Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont during the primary campaign, even though the organization publicly insisted that it was neutral in the race,” the New York Times reported in July about the DNC email leaks.

In context, Podesta was upset that Sanders didn’t support the Paris Climate Change agreement that was reached in December 2015. “Can you believe that doofus Bernie attacked it?,” Podesta allegedly wrote in an email on December 13 last year to several colleagues.

Sanders, a self-described socialist who ran for president as a Democrat, criticized the pact brokered through the United Nations Climate Change Conference because in his view it was just window-dressing, according to a report in The Hill on December 12, 2015.

“‘The planet is in crisis. We need bold action in the very near future and this does not provide that,’ [Sanders] said Saturday in a statement released shortly before delegates in Paris are due to vote on the agreement, the first to require climate efforts of nearly every country. None of the emissions targets in the deal are internationally binding…Sanders has consistently fought against fossil fuels and for more action to fight climate change, often openly challenging Clinton’s commitment to the climate…His opinion contrasts with most environmental groups, who were overwhelmingly pleased with the final agreement text released early Saturday.”

During a private Virginia fundraiser last February, Hillary Clinton reportedly dissed Sanders voters, The Intercept noted, as living in their parents’ basement and said that Bernie Sanders was offering them what amounts to false promises, particularly in the context of student loan debt relief. At the same event, Clinton also described her political views as “center-left to center-right.” The revelations caused the hashtag #basementdwellers to trend on Twitter in early October.

According to another hacked email through WikiLeaks, U.S. Labor Secretary Thomas Perez, an official who was on the short list for Hillary Clinton VP, allegedly appeared to dismiss former Hillary Clinton rival Bernie Sanders as only polling well at the time with “young white liberals” if she were to win the narrative-changing state of Nevada in the primary contest.

Another individual on the Podesta email thread describe Republicans as “enemies of the state” and “the world” if they oppose the Paris agreement. “Republicans have largely remained skeptical about the president’s policy promises to address climate change, and were critical of the U.S. entering the Paris accord. According to Scientific American, some argued that the agreements weren’t properly submitted to the Senate nor the international commitments realistic,” the Washington Examiner explained.

The WikiLeaks Podesta emails are getting far less play in the media than the personal allegations against Donald Trump, but Gateway Pundit has compiled this listing of the noteworthy items through yesterday, including Hillary Clinton’s support of open trade and open borders.

Do you think that Hillary Clinton should apologize to Bernie Sanders as a result of her campaign chair calling him a doofus?

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