Vicki Gunvalson Admits She Wronged Kelly Dodd, Vows To Get Rid Of Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, And Heather Dubrow

Did Vicki Gunvalson abandon and even backstab Kelly Dodd during her time of need? That’s what many viewers thought after the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County aired on Monday night. The episode, which featured the continuation of the casts’s Ireland trip, showed Kelly in a very heated argument with Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow while on the bus to the airport. As Kelly was engaged in the argument, which turned vicious, with lots of personal insults and name calling, Vicki stayed silent. Prior to then, Tamra claimed that during a drinking session that excluded Kelly, Vicki tattled on Kelly to her, by telling her all of the vile things that Kelly had been saying about her for months. As Kelly tearfully defended herself and maintained her innocence to Tamra, Shannon, and Heather, Vicki feigned ignorance and pretty much ran away from the scene.

At the time, Vicki explained that she stayed out of the drama because she wanted to preserve her friendships with Tamra, Shannon, and Heather. Does Vicki still believe that she did the right thing in keeping quiet as Kelly fought her battle? In the aftermath of the episode airing and the criticism that she has received on blogs and social media, Vicki now admits that she should’ve behaved differently. Vicki now sees that she should have stood up for Kelly against Tamra, Shannon, and Heather.

Prior to the episode airing, Vicki posted a photo of herself with several housewives from other cities at an event. As and after the episode aired, a lot of viewers left comments on Vicki’s photo criticizing her over what happened in Ireland.

One person told Vicki that her character is weak and that she should be ashamed for having not defended Kelly and standing up for what was right. The person reminded Vicki that when she was being attacked by the other women, Kelly stood up for her.

“merabee: Sad to say but your character is weak. After all you’ve been through, and you never once defended@rhoc_kellyddodd shame on you@vickigunvalson. Gotta stand up for what’s right. Just like kelly did for you.”

Vicki actually agreed with the viewer. She explained that she just didn’t have it in her to fight with Tamra, Shannon, and Heather but that if she had to do it over again, she would do it differently.

“vickigunvalson: @merabee I agree with you. I just didn’t have it in me to fight with them. If I had it to do over again it would have been different.”

Another viewer told Vicki that the episode showed that she cares more about being liked instead of doing the right thing. The viewer pointed out that Vicki let down Kelly, who befriended her when the others told not to and who stuck by her since the beginning of the season, in favor of the other women who were her enemies just prior to Ireland. The viewer wondered if Vicki let the others treat Kelly the way they did because she’s really a mean girl at heart too.

“jacqueline0622: I’m starting to see that all you care about is being liked instead of doing the right thing. I’m sure this has gotten you into a lot of trouble before. Stay true to your self regardless if people like you are not and always do the right thing. Tonight we saw you let down the only friend you had in the beginning for the people that hated you two seconds ago. They will do it again. Maybe you don’t mind because you are a mean girl at heart too. Regardless, you need to keep Kelly around. She took up for you when people said not to befriend you.”

While Vicki denied that she’s really a mean girl, she agreed with the rest of what the viewer wrote. Vicki added that she now wishes she had behaved differently.

“vickigunvalson: @jacqueline0622 I’m not a mean girl at heart at all! I agree with you and wish I could have done it differently now that I look at it again.”

Yet another viewer commented that while Vicki was obviously happy to have Tamra love her again, Tamra turns into “a crazy” when someone disagrees with her.

“seayellow1: I know she was happy to have Tamra love her again but look what a crazy she turns into when someone disagrees with her and no one calls her crazy!!!”

Vicki replied with a simple “yes.”

“vickigunvalson: @seayellow1 Yes.”

Besides admitting that she should’ve defended Kelly Dodd instead of keeping quiet while in Ireland, Vicki Gunvalson also said that she now sees how Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador, and Heather Dubrow really are. In response to one viewer who told Vicki, the self-proclaimed “OG of the OC” who has starred on the show since the very first season, to get rid of Tamra, Shannon, and Heather and to bring back former housewives Alexis Bellino, Lydia McLaughlin, and Gretchen Rossi, Vicki said that she’s trying her “very best.” Vicki added that Tamra’s, Shannon’s, and Heather’s true colors are showing.

“karliready: @vickigunvalson get rid of the three witches Heather Dubrow, Tamra Judge and Shanon old fart. and bring back Alexis, Lydia and Gretchen. Pleeeeeease and thank you hope to see those changes next season or else I will no longer be watching and believe me I’ve been watching since day one.

vickigunvalson: @karliready I’m going to do my very best!! True colors are showing.”

The latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode showed the cast’s last night in Ireland, which turned disastrous after the last group dinner. With no actual footage of what went down, viewers instead were informed of what happened via each woman’s confessional interview. Apparently, Vicki and Kelly knocked on Tamra’s hotel room door to try to get her to go out with them. Tamra ignored them because she didn’t want to hang out with Kelly. Later, Tamra, Shannon, and Heather went out on their own to the hotel bar. Tamra texted Vicki to join them but not to bring Kelly. Vicki did so. While Kelly was in her hotel room, Vicki joined the other women and proceeded to have a night of fun with them.

According to Tamra, during their drinking session, Vicki told her that Kelly had been badmouthing her behind her back for months. Tamra proceeded to text Kelly a selfie of herself and Vicki having fun together. Tamra pointedly asked Kelly why she talked about her and how she felt about Vicki blabbing on her.

Vicki may have done more than just tattle on Kelly. As the episode aired, Shannon tweeted that Vicki told her, Tamra, and Heather “not very nice things” about Kelly during their night out together.

Later, when the women headed back up to their rooms, Kelly confronted them in the hallway. Through sobs, Kelly denied that she talked badly about Tamra to her back. Kelly yelled that Vicki was lying. Footage of this was captured by Heather on her cell phone. “Really? You’re gonna video this?” Vicki asked.

It got even crazier when the group left for the airport a short while afterwards. On the bus, when Kelly told Meghan King Edmonds that the other woman can dish it but can’t take it, Shannon protested, which prompted Kelly to yell at her to shave her chin hair. Heather whispered to Tamra that Kelly was having a “psychotic break” and that she feels sorry for her daughter. Tamra nodded in agreement. When Kelly yelled at Heather, Heather called her trash. Vicki stayed quiet the entire time.

A preview for next week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County shows Kelly Dodd confronting Vicki Gunvalson about not defending her in Ireland. Yet it seems that Kelly has since forgiven Vicki. As the Inquisitr reported, as the latest episode aired, Kelly tweeted that she and Vicki are still great friends.

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