Khloe Kardashian Launches Highly-Anticipated Good American Denim Line With Surprising Price Tags

The anticipation is finally over as Khloe Kardashian launched her Good American denim line on October 18th! The denim line hit select Nordstrom stores and, of course, was released online at the Good American website.

The jeans come in three different silhouettes: Good Legs (skinny), Good Cuts (boyfriend), and Good Waist (high-waisted.) The new denim designs come with some surprising price tags as well. With a price range starting at $149 and ranging all the way to $215, some people found Khloe's denim line to be a bit out of budget.

Instagram user Xavia summed up the opinions of other Kardashian fans when she commented "Good for all sizes but not all pockets" on one of Khloe's Good American posts. There's no denying the jeans look amazing and like they will accentuate all the right curves, but some fans will undoubtedly be left out of the denim craze thanks to the somewhat shocking prices.

However surprising the cost of the jeans may seem, it was to be expected to a certain degree. Personally, I was slightly hoping Kardashian's desire to provide good denim to the masses would also extend to the sale price. But according to social media comments, I'm not the only one who was silently praying I could easily afford a pair of Khloe's curve-hugging denim.

One Facebook comment by a user named Kelly echoed the sentiments shared by Xavia and myself.

"I was excited about the launch of this line. Until I saw the price."
Perhaps Khloe will listen to her fans and provide us with Good American denim at a decent price! That's not to say I won't splurge on a pair of $200 jeans designed by a Kardashian, though. However, if you're like me, you're going to save your money until some reviews trickle out about just how "good" these Good American jeans are.Khloe has been basically blowing up her social media channels with photos and updates about the brand, and that includes showing off how amazing her backside looks in her very own denim line! She seems to be embracing her body and curves more now than ever before and wants all women to do the same. She includes uplifting and motivating messages in her posts, which also help to motivate women to buy her jeans.

In the previous Instagram post, Khloe expressed her intent on creating a line that allows women to love their body as is.

"This is all about loving yourself no matter what!"
Yes, Khlo! Let's do this! Except, maybe let's do this at a reasonable price?! Despite the price tag, Kardashian wasn't shy about handing out freebies to her friends and family. Little sister Kylie Jenner shared her Good American haul on Snapchat and even posed in a pair of "Good Cuts" graciously given to her by Khloe.As you can see, Kylie looks stunning in her sister's Good American jeans. Actually, women of all shapes and sizes look killer in Kardashian's denim according to the influx of photos posted on her Instagram. If the photos do any kind of justice for the jeans, Good American should be a complete and total success. After all, women have been eagerly awaiting such a solid denim brand!

Khloe has been showcasing her Good American models for the past week now, which has given fans a look at how figure-flattering the line truly is. Kylie's friend Jordyn Woods is even representing Khloe's denim! If you aren't familiar with the gorgeous Jordyn, be sure to check her out!

She's one of Kylie's— and apparently Khloe's— closest friends who also happens to be "plus-size." And by "plus-size," I mean stunning and absolutely confident in her own skin! This confidence is what Khloe seems to be after with her denim line, according to her numerous posts on the subject. Kardashian wants to provide women with fashion that flaunts their bodies, not fashion that makes women feel ashamed.

Now, if only all women could afford such fabulous fashion... hint, hint, Khloe!

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]