‘Kindred Spirits’: Exclusive Interview With Adam Berry And Amy Bruni [Part 2]

Former Ghost Hunters‘ paranormal investigators Adam Berry and Amy Bruni debut their new paranormal series, Kindred Spirits, on TLC Friday, October 21. The pair sat down in an exclusive interview to chat about their new series, the trials and tribulations of a career working with the paranormal, and their friendship on and off the screen in Part 2 of this three-part interview.

In Part 1 of the interview, Bruni talked about a moment in the Kindred Spirits premiere that got very personal for her. Did Berry also make some personal connections while filming Kindred Spirits Season 1?

Adam Berry: I think the best thing about these cases is we were able to really help families that needed it. We had a lot of people that contacted us about what they thought was happening in their house, and I think that both of us individually, in different ways, connected to each case differently. And I think you can’t get past that. You can’t not have an emotional connection to who these people are. Because, basically, we became part of their family for the time that we were there. We knew everything about them, and we knew everything about the history of the house, and we were finding all of this information. So by the end, we were family members with this new family that we were helping. I think that we each connected to every single case because it’s hard not to be emotionally invested when you’re specifically helping families.

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Amy Bruni and Adam Berry
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Diana Price: What were your favorite moments in this first season of Kindred Spirits without giving away any major spoilers?

Amy Bruni: I would say there were a lot of favorite moments. One of my favorites, though, is actually one that’s been in a preview, so I can go into it a little bit. But we were investigating a house in Connecticut and we were in the attic and we got this exact name by EVP of one of the former owners of the house. What we found when we did Kindred Spirits was that many times the person that the family suspected was haunting their house… it was not that person at all, or it was that person, but then there was something else there. So this was one of those major plot twists when we got the exact name… you can see the reaction on our faces, like “Oh my goodness!” No matter how many times you do this, it still takes you by surprise when it’s such an exact, perfect answer. That was just one of those defining moments. I think that was our third case at that point, and that was when we just knew, “Oh my goodness, this is taking us for crazy ride.”

Adam Berry: The coolest thing for me, for both of us really — and I said it earlier — but we genuinely had no idea what we were going into. I mean, we knew of their experiences, and we had interviewed them on the phone, and we gathered as much information from our phone interviews as we could before meeting them in person, but I think in each case there ended up being multiple layers of many different things it could be, based on our research and based on our interviews. I think when we got that “a-ha moment” in each case, that kind of sealed it for us. When we said “this is what it is” or “that’s what it is” — those were extremely gratifying and moving [moments]. Because we’re investigators, we can only tell you what we think based on what we know and what kind of evidence we’re getting. So when we were able to discover what the situation was, and who was there, and why they were there, I think that was thrilling.

DP: It seems a lot of paranormal show fans are actually very skeptical of the results, and the fact that you debunk a lot of things gives shows like Kindred Spirits greater credibility than paranormal shows where everything is taken at face value without rigorously testing or questioning possible paranormal evidence. What is the scariest thing or most convincing piece of evidence you’ve run into as paranormal investigators, whether on Kindred Spirits, Ghost Hunters or during private paranormal investigations?

Amy Bruni: We love our skeptical viewers. I think I find it really interesting anytime Adam and I experience the exact same thing or we see the same thing. You know, we both see an apparition at the same time, or we both hear a voice at the same time, because there’s always that risk when it’s just you that something is going on in your head. Or you see something out of the corner of your eye, but when it’s both of us, that’s always kind of a game changer for me. And I can’t go into that too much, but that sort of thing happened on Kindred Spirits a few times. So I think that’s the best, when we have back up, and it’s even more helpful when the camera guy sees it, too.

Adam Berry: When we’re speaking to skeptics, I think when we find a bit of information that we couldn’t have possibly known and it correlates exactly with what’s happening in the house, I think that is beyond incredible. It’s like, we could not have known this information, there’s no way we would have found this information if we weren’t looking for it. This avenue took us this way, and it took us that way, and we came across this and we got it. We kept digging; we never stop digging. If we didn’t know the answer, we dug deeper, we looked harder. We are very critical about the information that we are giving families because, as Amy said before, there’s a lot riding on it. We can’t be wrong about what we feel is happening in this house because they’re relying on this information to heal. So we would never stop until we were absolutely sure that this is what we thought was going on and give them a resolution. I think those moments were amazing.

Read the final installment of this interview aboutKindred Spirits, which debuts tomorrow on TLC at 10 p.m. ET as part of their Friday Night Frights.

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