'Diablo 4' News: Rumors Regarding BlizzCon 2016, Release Date Announcement Imminent?

Diablo 4 game news and rumors are abuzz once again as fans are hoping to be thrown an RPG bone at the 2016 BlizzCon this year, according to Game Spot. Perhaps a release date or more? Earlier this year, there was a "conspiracy" that was triggered via a goody bag sent out for convention attendees. It contained a Diablo-themed dice bag with the traditional Dungeons and Dragons set.

Considering this is the 20-year anniversary of Diablo, fans would be expectant of at least a release date or even more.

Revisiting the Diablo 4 Conspiracy Theory

YouTuber Rhykker did a lengthy video on this conspiracy theory and makes a few bullet points regarding whether the package containing the items were intended to be an Easter egg of sorts giving way to a Diablo 4 release announcement or any kind of news come BlizzCon.
One of the die, a 4-sided die, had something significant about it. Apparently, there is what RPG players would call a misprint and therefore rendering the D4 (Diablo 4?) die unusable. If such a die lands on "1," then it should read that number on all three sides, but on the BlizzCon 2016 goody bag die, it reveals 1-1-4. This triggered yet another conspiracy theory that the numbers may also read a date, 11-4 or Nov. 4. This is the first day of BlizzCon 2016 which is a Friday.

The dice bag had a Diablo logo with four points on it and it would probably be far-reaching to consider that it could be also indicative to Diablo 4. In 2015, there was a goody bag with a laptop case with the same logo. Would that suggest it was even hinted at last year? Someone that worked for Blizzard last year may have stirred the rumor pot.

Blizzard Employee Dismissed After Inciting A Rumor?

Another bullet point/rumor to consider is that back at the 2015 BlizzCon, a Blizzard employee said that "Diablo fans are going to lose their s**t" and was speculated to have been fired after that comment, according to Diablo Reddit, but nothing can be proven if this was a cause/effect situation and there was no evidence of the statement being made.

This action could only be surmised after a tweet he left on his account last year in November, "I won't get into the details, but I am now unemployed." YouTuber Rhykker mentioned it was a Diablo community manager.

Methods Of Hiding Clues Deliberate?

Rhykker pontificated further on other points regarding these Diablo 4 rumors. For instance, he mentioned that Blizzard's Overwatch game would include cryptography to hint at future heroes. He made a correlation on how the game company wouldn't be out of that realm of possibility to bury a hint in the goody bag.
"It's not outside the realm of possibility that Blizzard would be using sort of archane means of hidingclues to announce their games."

Current Diablo 4 BlizzCon 2016 Rumors

The rumor mill once again started turning. Former Diablo veterans, Bill Roper and David Brevik, had left Blizzard some time ago. They both took a visit back to the company, and on Saturday Brevik tweeted a picture of a star constellation.
At first read, an expectant Diablo 4 fan could get excited about this tweet, thinking Brevik was brought back on board for a sequel. Sadly, the veteran followed up in an attempt to quell rumors.
"There has been a lot of speculation (and hope), but I'm not working on the Diablo game franchise currently or in the near future."
So it sounds like his first Twitter tweet was more of a declarative statement paying ode to the anniversary of the Diablo game. If Brevik isn't involved, then who is if it's someone else?

The Diablo 4 game is rather anticipated and perhaps fans will find out for sure at the BlizzCon 2016 come Nov. 4 and 5.

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