Viral Video Of Vallejo, CA, Girl Being Slammed To Ground By Male Cohort Sparks Outrage

A teenage girl from Vallejo, California, is on the mend today following a disturbing altercation that was filmed outside the home of another Solano County adolescent.

In the visual, which was shared by the Daily Mail, 15-year-old Holly Wrixon is seen angrily approaching Morgan Johnson, also 15, outside of his residence following a prior verbal spat on the telephone. As she makes her way to the scene, Johnson is witnessed leaning on the back of a Jeep parked in his garage.

“What the f**k [did] you f**king say on the phone,” Wrixon inquires to the seemingly unconcerned Johnson.

“Honestly, I wasn’t listening,” the boy responds, “but I don’t want you on my property, so leave.”

Instead of following his request, Wrixon is then seen continually becoming incensed over Johnson’s alleged noting of her as a “b**ch” and “c**t,” before striking the taller teenager. Johnson tries to block her attacks and receives a foot to his groin area, which causes him to wrap his arm around Wrixon’s neck and slam her body into the concrete.

Another female, a supposed acquaintance of Wrixon’s, jumps in to defend the girl, who was momentarily unconscious, before a third young woman stops Johnson from physically assaulting the pair. After retrieving his hat, which fell during the melee, Johnson and several of his male cohorts walk away while defending his actions. The video can be seen below. Please be advised that it might be troubling for some Inquisitr readers. Proceed with caution.

Incidentally, Wrixon admitted through Twitter that it was she who initially posted the clip of her being assaulted online, before removing it at the request of her father. By that time, others gained access to the video and uploaded it to several sites, including Twitter and YouTube. With each new view came new opinions regarding who was truly at fault for the fight.

“This was far from ‘equal,’” Daily Mail reader k352 relayed. “You cannot body slam a person half your size (male or female) and crack their scull on the pavement as a reaction to a few slaps. He was well able to restrain his assailant. He chose not to. He chose violence.”

Others, such as Twitter user inuyus, felt that Wrixon was solely to blame for Johnson’s violent response due to her striking first.

“She’s not innocent [in this],” they stated. “She was on his property [and] attacked him [first]. He asked her to leave several times!”

Rather than speak on who was to blame, Wrixon ultimately took to the 140-character comment to respond to reports on whether or not the seizure she suffered from the slam came from her battling epilepsy.

“I don’t have epilepsy,” she said. “I [had] a seizure [because] he pushed me [and] my head hit [the ground].”

After being bombarded with comments from those who had viewed the video, Wrixon blocked her Twitter account from public access.

holly wrixon

Police were said to have been called to the scene, but no arrests were made. It is unknown if either Johnson or Wrixon will face charges for their roles in the assault.

In related news, law enforcement in Orlando are investigating a group melee that led to the death of a Brazilian teen.

As reported by WESH, 15-year-old Roger Trindade was taken off of life support on Monday following a massive brawl inside of Central Park in the Floridian city on Saturday. When police arrived, they discovered Trindade, unconscious, but only lightly injured, after allegedly being jumped by a group of students who similarly attended Winter Park High School with him. One boy has since been arrested for his involvement in the matter. It is still unclear just what caused his death.

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