Taylor Swift Dating Ben Affleck? Pop Star Allegedly Set Her Sites On Jennifer Garner's Ex-Husband

Taylor Swift dating rumors always seem to be a hot topic. While the pop star's previous two relationships have proven to be a flop, it looks like Swift might have finally found a match once and for all.

The latest gossip surrounding Taylor Swift's love life is pretty juicy. Though the singer recently broke up with actor Tom Hiddleston, it looks like she's already over him and has set her sights on someone else. In Touch allegedly claims that Swift has an interest in actor and director Ben Affleck, explained the Hollywood Gossip. While this could potentially be the craziest romance in all of Hollywood, there is only one little problem holding everything back; Ben Affleck is still technically married to actress Jennifer Garner.

Still, Taylor Swift dating Affleck remains merely a possibility, for now. Neither the pop star or actor have confirmed this potential affair. Still, a source close to Swift has allegedly told In Touch that she and Ben have what appears to be a budding romance, reiterated the Hollywood Gossip.
"[Taylor's] hoping to turn their friendship into a full-blown romance."
Though Affleck hasn't put the moves on the singer quite yet, the anonymous source that knows Swift says that something is definitely coming soon. The person close to the pop star added that the actor is "slowly paving the way for a romance."

Taylor Swift dating Ben Affleck isn't an idea she came up with entirely on her own. The source told In Touch that Affleck has had a thing for the singer for a long time, explained the Hollywood Gossip.

"He's had a crush on Taylor since they first met and feels like they have a real connection."
The singer supposedly met Affleck during her 1989 tour. Ben allegedly attended one of her shows and then made his way backstage. As soon as the two began having an exchange, the source close to Swift said it was apparent that the two had chemistry.

Taylor Swift dating Ben Affleck wouldn't necessarily be a surprise, considering that the pop star made a "major impression," on him, the source told In Touch, which the Hollywood Gossip reiterated. The actor and director was "totally blown away" by Swift's "beauty and charming personality."

While some are clearly encouraging the Taylor Swift and Ben Affleck romance, others believe that the pop star maybe should take a breather. After all, the singer has not only dated Calvin Harris but shortly moved on to Thor actor Tom Hiddleston.

Taylor Swift's dating life has been rocky for about a year and a half. A new report from In Touch recently came out claiming that the pop star's ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, was pursuing other women behind her back, explained the Hollywood Gossip. A source close to Swift claimed that Tom Hiddleston had tipped her off about this.
"Tom told her that Calvin hit on one of his friends."
Swift allegedly took this devastating news very hard, considering that she and Harris had been enduring some drama for quite a while. The anonymous source claimed that, "She and Calvin were already having problems," and this news only "weighed on her."

Though Taylor Swift started dating Tom Hiddleston shortly after her breakup with Calvin Harris, her new relationship began tanking shortly after. In fact, the pop star grew distrustful of the actor throughout their romance.

"Taylor started to feel like he was using her."
Once Taylor Swift and Hiddleston broke up, Swift allegedly confronted the woman who had made passes at her initial boyfriend, Calvin Harris. The source close to the singer claimed that this mysterious woman denied that her meeting with Harris had "ever happened."

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