'Kindred Spirits': Exclusive Interview With Former 'Ghost Hunters' Amy Bruni And Adam Berry On Their New Paranormal Series [Part 1]

Fans of paranormal TV shows already know the names Amy Bruni and Adam Berry, from their stint on one of the oldest and most respected paranormal shows on TV, Ghost Hunters. But now the two have paired up for a new paranormal venture, doing some ghost hunting in private homes without the big crews tagging along. Bruni and Berry's new show, Kindred Spirits, premieres Friday, October 21 on TLC, and the two sat down for an exclusive interview about their new show, the new direction they're taking with paranormal investigations, and how well the pair work together due to the personal bond they've formed as a paranormal dream team.

Think of them as sort of the paranormal version of the Wonder Twins, if you're old enough to remember that cartoon. (If you aren't, Google it millennials.) But when it comes to helping families with hauntings and paranormal activity, and helping those on "the other side," the Justice League has nothing on these two.

It's clear Bruni and Berry have literally found kindred spirits in each other, pun intended, giving the show title a deeper meaning. And if you believe the sticker on Berry's laptop, that means bonding as a couple of "Ghost, Bigfoot, flying saucer weirdo(s)." It's a fair guess a lot of Ghost Hunters fans and soon-to-be Kindred Spirits fans will relate.

DP: So Amy and Adam, you guys have a new showing coming out, Kindred Spirits. Can you talk about how that came about and how did the idea for Kindred Spirits come to fruition, bringing you guys together to form a new paranormal team?

Amy Bruni: I think that for us, we met on Ghost Hunters and became really good, dear friends, and it was one of those things where when we left Ghost Hunters, we kind of always left the door open to do another TV-related project. But it would just have to be something that 1) we were really passionate about, and 2) that fit our schedules. I have my family at home and Adam has his theater company, so you know, we didn't want to do as much travel as we did before. So schedule-wise and also just the subject matter, we really wanted to help families individually. Everything just kind of fell into place perfectly, and Kindred Spirits was born.

Adam Berry: Well, I mean, Amy said it all... When there was talk about possibly leaving Ghost Hunters because of family stuff, and when it was getting taxing to be on the road so much, we both were like, "Well I don't want to do it without you." And she was like "I don't want to do it without you," so it was the obvious thing [that if] something else came along, it would be great to do it as a team. Because I think we work well together, and I think we do get results, and it's weird. I don't know why, but we do.

DP: Sort of like the Wonder Twins?

Amy Bruni: Wonder Twins powers activate!

Adam Berry: Exactly!

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DP: In Ghost Hunters, you went with a fairly large team to abandoned institutions and historical landmarks, but for Kindred Spirits, you're focusing on doing paranormal investigations in private homes. What has been the biggest difference for you in the two types of paranormal investigations, and what was the biggest adjustment you had to make going from Ghost Hunters to Kindred Spirits?

Amy Bruni: I think for me, it's been that these cases are so intensely personal. When we did Ghost Hunters, there was a whole team of us and a lot of times, we were in big locations where there wasn't as much riding on the results, I guess you could say. Even though it was really awesome and I love doing the research and all that fun stuff, now we have these families and they're looking at us for true answers, and there's a lot more pressure to get it right. I think we knew that was coming and we've done that a lot off-camera, but these cases were just so intense and it was tough. There was a lot more pressure than we're used to, a lot more work-wise, because instead of having a team of six or seven, it was just Adam and me doing everything. So I think those were the biggest adjustments for me.

Adam Berry: I agree. I think also the intimacy of the cases, it's just the two of us in these houses, they're normal houses that anyone can live in. So it was very challenging for us.

DP: In the first episode of Kindred Spirits, things got really personal for you, Amy, when you felt you might be coming into contact with the spirit of a little girl about the same age as your daughter. Did you expect your work on Kindred Spirits to hit so close to home, or were you kind of blindsided by how personal these paranormal cases have become now?

Amy Bruni:

"I think I got a little blindsided. I don't know... I think everything changes once you have a child. Many of these cases, including that premiere episode, involved children. I noticed it even when I went back to Ghost Hunters after maternity leave, how differently cases affected me after becoming a mom. And I just took them so much more personally, obviously. These cases were just like that and I couldn't help but kind of put myself in their shoes. So yeah, it was a defintely a very emotional journey for me in that respect."
Adam Berry: And it's not a bad thing at all, and from the other side of the spectrum, I don't have a kid, but I consider [Amy's daughter] a niece. When things would come up and we have to mention certain things, I was fully aware of how some new information would affect Amy that way. I was totally keyed into that, but we do have a job to do, and I think Amy did a very good job at controlling the situation. She had to deal with a lot of different things, and I can't imagine being faced with this reality, especially in that first episode. I don't want to spoil it, but I think she did bang up job.

Amy Bruni: Ah, thanks, Adam!

Adam Berry: The things we had to do in conquering that kind of emotional situation... we never knew what was going to happen on the cases, really; we never had a clue. If something came out like that, we tackled it as a team. I was impressed, friend.

Amy Bruni: Ah, you're not so bad yourself.

DP: You know, you'd almost think you guys sort of like each other.

Adam Berry: Oh God, we're going to Disney this week.

Amy Bruni: It's a miracle that we get along so well, really. I can't imagine doing this with anyone else.

Watch for Part 2 of this exclusive three-part interview with Kindred Spirits' Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on Thursday, and Part 3 on Friday. Links will be updated here. Kindred Spirits debuts October 21 on TLC (don't let the Destination America branding on the video below fool you, as they are both part of the Discovery channel family.) Until then, visit Amy Bruni and Adam Berry on Twitter, and let's get #ParanormalWonderTwins trending, paranormal fans.

Update: Read Part 2 of the interview with Amy Bruni and Adam Berry here.

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