‘American Horror Story’ Spoilers: Season 6 Twist Confirmed, Actors Switching Roles & More

American Horror Story Season 6 is about to deliver a mind blowing twist, and fans couldn’t be more excited. The huge twist, which takes place in this week’s sixth episode, has been teased by cast members for weeks. Now, the show’s creator, Ryan Murphy, is finally spilling some details on what viewers can expect.

According to E! Online, Ryan Murphy is dropping some serious details about the huge American Horror Story Season 6 twist that fans will see this week. Murphy reveals that the show is going to be completely changed once fans see the big reveal, and that old faces from seasons past will also be involved in the remainder of the show. One big twist spoiler that has been revealed is that several actors will be totally switching characters during the episode. Murphy says that Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates will all be seen as completely new characters, which could be the real-life versions of the actors who had been portraying the characters through dramatization during My Roanoke Nightmare.

“It’s a radical twist, a completely new form of storytelling.”

American Horror Story Spoilers: Taissa Farmiga returning in Season 6.

In addition, Taissa Farmiga and Finn Wittrock will return to American Horror Story to play some very interesting characters in Season 6. Taissa, who hasn’t appeared on the series since Season 3’s Coven, is finally back in a new role, while Finn Wittrock who has been seen on Freak Show and Hotel returns as his craziest character yet. Ryan Murphy teases that Finn’s character is one of the “most f—ed up characters of all time,” and that he, Evan Peters, and Taissa Farmiga will have fans wanting more.

“The thing I love about episode six as you are watching it is that we drop a huge bomb at the end of the third act, where you kind of are in disbelief at what the chyron on the screen is saying. And then that takes you into another world and the stakes are really, really, really high. This season has been all about redoing the narrative of what we’ve always done. I think it’s always been a sort of straight-forward version of storytelling. And what happened with this season, which is really broken into two halves, one through five, which everybody has hopefully seen, and then six through 10. And it’s a completely different show. It’s a completely different narrative form. Things that you thought to be true about people are revealed to not be true. And it was exciting to work on, because it was like working on two shows at once. The big twist of episode six takes you into a complete other world.”

American Horror Story Spoilers: Season 6 Twist revealed.

Of course, the character switch up will likely not be the biggest twist during American Horror Story Season 6‘s sixth episode bombshell, but it is a start to trying to figure out what the second half of the season will include. Murphy says that the biggest reveal will come in the third act of Wednesday night’s episode, and that fans will be completely shocked by what they see. Meanwhile, Murphy gives fans a heads up that the rest of the season is going to be brutal and terrifying.

“I think this season is really modern and fun and I’ve read people saying and I agree that it’s our scariest season yet, because it’s like season one Murder House in that it feels very real. And what happens from now until the end—it’s just a race to the finish, which is really, a very harrowing and brutal race.”

What are your thoughts on the latest American Horror Story Season 6 spoilers and big character twist confirmation? What else do you think will happen in the sixth episode of Roanoke?

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