When Will Taylor Swift’s New Album Be Released?

Taylor Swift has been through a somewhat rocky year, and soon, she may be telling all about her relationship drama and her celebrity feuds in a new album.

Although Taylor Swift has not confirmed any details about when her new songs will possibly be released, many are convinced that a new album will hit stores by the end of this year. Meanwhile, others believe Taylor Swift’s latest album could be released by the end of the month.

Back in July, a source spoke to Hollywood Life about Taylor Swift’s new album, claiming the singer was planning to drop her new tracks Beyonce-style with a surprise release sometime this fall.

“[Taylor Swift] is almost done with her next album,” their insider said at the time. “She wants to release it this year and she wants to do it Beyonce style. She wants to drop it completely out of nowhere! She’s intending to make it happen in the fall.”

At the time of their report, Taylor Swift had recently begun dating Tom Hiddleston after splitting from Calvin Harris just a short time prior, and due to the quickness in which she moved on, tons of rumors swirled about the split — and the new romance. In addition to claims of possible cheating against Swift, who was seen with Hiddleston in May, weeks before her breakup with Harris, there were rumors claiming Harris had grown jealous of Swift and her success.

Whatever the reason behind her split from Harris was, Taylor Swift didn’t seem to focus on the breakup for long, and just two weeks after the split took place, she and Hiddleston confirmed their romance with a cozy beach outing in Rhode Island. From there, Taylor Swift traveled with her new man to Italy, the U.K., and Australia before returning to Los Angeles where they ultimately split.

After Taylor Swift’s split from Hiddleston was confirmed, another source spoke to Hollywood Life about the singer’s upcoming tunes.

“[Taylor Swift] is handling things well and she is working on music and writing lyrics down all the time especially since she has been involved in so many recent high profile news stories with Tom [Hiddleston] or Kanye [West] and even the Super Bowl speculation,” the source explained. “She has a lot of material to work off.”

The new album is “still a work in progress because when [Taylor Swift] puts something out she wants to fully support it with a tour and television appearances,” the source continued. “She is enjoying a little break so there is still some time for all of that.”

Earlier this month, Taylor Swift’s new album was teased by another source who proclaimed that October may see a release date for her the new compilation. According to the Washington Post, Taylor Swift has been steadily releasing new albums every two years since 2006, when her debut album hit stores in October of that year.

As the outlet pointed out, Swift’s label manager previously shot down the idea of an October 2016 album, but he later deleted his tweet, which seemed to suggest he may have either been wrong or had a change of heart. In conclusion, the Washington Post suggested that Taylor Swift’s upcoming album would likely see an October 23, 2016, release date.

While October 23 may be a sensible guess, another report shared by MTV News on October 17 claimed Taylor Swift would not be releasing a new album this weekend.

[Featured Image by Kevin Kane/Getty Images]