Danney Williams: Bill Clinton’s Son Or Convicted Felon & Con Man Looking For A Payday?

Danney Williams has been making a lot of headlines recently as he turns up his campaign to meet his alleged father, Bill Clinton. With the 2016 presidential election in full swing, Williams has certainly capitalized on press surrounding Hillary Clinton in order to get his plea and his story in front of millions of Americans. Danney claims he is the illegitimate son of Bill Clinton and that he just wants to meet his father.

Recently, information has surfaced that may explain why the Clintons have remained silent on the subject of Danney Williams and his claims to be Bill Clinton’s son. According to court records, the 30-year-old construction worker is a convicted felon and has been accused of trying to con the famous family to earn himself a payday.

Just last week, Williams sat down for an interview with Infowars host Alex Jones. According to the Smoking Gun, Jones introduced Williams and claimed his story was “very, very credible.” The full InfoWars broadcast where Danney Williams’ story is told can be seen below.

Alex Jones also said of Danney Williams, “You yourself got three children. No record. Hard working guy.”

After a bit of research, it seems that the InfoWars host didn’t really have all the facts or maybe was trying to cast Danney in the best possible light. In any case, Danney Williams is actually on record as having five children, all of them born before he turned 21-years-old. Williams also has a record and, according to the Arkansas Department of Corrections, is a convicted felon.

Danney Williams’ prison records revealed that he was most recently released from prison after serving seven months on a conviction for passing bad checks and for violating his parole. Danney also pleaded guilty in 2005 to stealing a Cadillac and then leading police on a chase through Little Rock before crashing the vehicle. The keys for that car were stolen during a burglary the previous day.

On top of his convictions for criminal activity, Danney Williams has also had his probation revoked on three separate occasions. In 2006, 2007, and 2009, Williams pleaded guilty to probation violations that included not checking in with his probation officer, not paying court-ordered restitution, and not completing community service.

So, Alex Jones’ assertation that Danney Williams had no record wasn’t true. As far as hard-working, Williams’ social media accounts list him as an entrepreneur, while Danney himself says that he works construction. He certainly has been busy lately, speaking with news outlets and getting the word out about his claims that he is Bill Clinton’s son.

There is also the issue of Danney Williams being on record as the son of Danny Williams Sr. It seems that a simple DNA test between the two of them could confirm the paternity of the man listed as his father in court documents. If Williams Sr. is a genetic match, that alone would be enough to stop claims that he is Bill Clinton’s son.

Additionally, even Danney has admitted to having five children, not three. Court documents suggest that three of those kids were all born within the same year. He has been accused of failure to pay child support on top of the many other legal woes that tarnish his criminal record.

Given this information about Danney Williams’ criminal history, does that mean he’s not the son of Bill Clinton? Not necessarily. It just means that he’s not as squeaky clean as he and interviewer Alex Jones would like everyone to believe.

It also explains why the public has heard so much from him recently. Williams was last released from prison in May of 2015. His campaign to meet Bill Clinton and prove paternity started up again soon after. Danney Williams has insisted that his recent campaign to prove Bill Clinton is his father has nothing to do with politics. Many have suggested that he is looking for a payday, either from the Clintons or from the media for his appearances.

As the Inquisitr has previously reported, Danney Williams released a new video last week that detailed his history and the reasons that he believes he is Bill Clinton’s son. While very convincing in its presentation, the allegations have never been proven true or false. Neither of the Clintons has offered up any comment on Danney or his claims, and it doesn’t look like they plan to confront him either.

Danney does resemble Bill Clinton, and his own family backs his story about his mother’s alleged relationship with him while serving as the governor of Arkansas. It seems that a simple DNA test to confirm or deny paternity would put this whole scandal to rest. Will Bill Clinton ever submit to a paternity test per the request of Danney Williams? Does it matter that Williams has a not-so-squeaky-clean past, or is this just a case of a con man trying to use Hillary Clinton’s run for president in order to make a profit for himself? Tell us what you think of these new details in case of Bill Clinton’s alleged son.

[Featured Image by Steve Pope/Getty Images & Danney Williams/Facebook]