Heather Dubrow Facing Backlash After Talking About Kelly Dodd’s Daughter On ‘RHOC’

Heather Dubrow tried to stay out of the drama that unfolded in Ireland on last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it sounds like many people picked up on the fact that she was indeed trying to get involved during the screaming match. It’s clear that Dubrow has taken sides in the entire argument between Kelly Dodd and the other ladies, as she’s constantly asking Kelly to please be quiet and stop being mean. But it sounds like Dubrow can’t follow her own rules, as she was caught saying something on camera last night that made people change their minds about Dubrow.

According to a new tweet, Heather Dubrow has often stood by Tamra Judge and has defended her over the custody scandal that rocked Tamra and her daughter Sidney. Sidney told her mother Tamra that she didn’t want to live with her anymore and that she would be spending her time with her father, Simon Barney. This came as a huge shock to Judge, who just wanted to see her daughter and spend more time with her.

Because this has been such an emotional thing for Judge, the ladies agreed that all children are off limits when it comes to The Real Housewives of Orange County. The ladies can yell, scream and make accusations about one another, but the children are off limits in every capacity. In fact, the children should never be brought up because they never signed up to film The Real Housewives of Orange County. And while Dubrow doesn’t want people talking about her children, she had no problem talking about Kelly’s daughter on last night’s episode.

It all happened when Kelly flipped out on the bus on the way to the Dublin airport, where she was trying to share her point of view with the ladies. Dubrow whispered that she felt horrible for Jodie, who is Kelly’s daughter. She whispered it and may not have thought about it being caught on her microphone, but Bravo added subtitles to her statement, which only made it more obvious.


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“Okay Heather Dubrow I [heart] you but I gotta call you out on BS. Just got done saying kids are off limits n you bring up Kelly Dodd’s daughter,” one person wrote to Heather Dubrow, which was a tweet that Kelly retweeted.

“Usually love Heather, but this trip showed another side to Heather that I do not like. :(,” one viewer pointed out, while another added, “agreed I love Heather but it’s a double standard….. all kids should be off limits period! They didn’t sign up for it.”

And people could not be more in agreement with fans, who were disappointed with Heather Dubrow’s comment. While she may have meant what she said, one can imagine that Heather would be upset if someone said something about her children.

“Doesn’t matter how you feel about some kids are off limits…. Kelly has shown she’s a good mom,” one person wrote in defense of Dodd, while others added, “Heather is trash with money. That’s all,” and “Heather your own husband admitted to not wanting to be around your kids. Feel bad for them.”

Of course, Heather herself has been very vocal about her own marriage, sharing that her husband was often choosing to work rather than be at home with her and their children. Some people reminded her that she should feel sorry for her own children, who have a father who would much rather work than spend time with his children.

What do you think of Heather Dubrow’s comment about Kelly Dodd’s daughter? Do you think she crossed the line?

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