Nicki Minaj Weighs In On Drake’s Feud With Meek Mill Amid Claims He’s ‘Infatuated’ With Her

Nicki Minaj is weighing in on boyfriend Meek Mill’s feud with Drake amid reports the “Hotline Bling” rapper is looking to date Nicki now and is “infatuated” with her now he’s officially single.

Nicki got candid about Meek’s past feuds in a new interview with Ebro In The Morning on October 17, where Minaj appeared to praise Mill just days after he slammed Drake in a freestyle rap.

According to, Minaj admitted that Meek rarely tells her when he’s ready to drop the mic during a feud, and revealed that she’s often left out of the loop when her boyfriend of two years takes aim at other rappers.

“There are times where he doesn’t share with me what he’s about to do. Especially when it’s like battle rap stuff,” Minaj revealed, seemingly referring to Mill’s feuds with stars like Drake and The Game. “He’ll go in and just do him, and then I’ll react like a fan.”

Though Nicki did not explicitly mention Drake in the interview, Minaj certainly appeared to be alluding to the recent drama surrounding herself, Meek and the “Take Care” rapper when asked about feuds within the industry, after months of reports claiming that Mill has serious drama with Drake and the two were locked in a nasty rap feud.

“I think everybody’s over [the beefing]. I mean come on. It’s pretty played out. It’s over,” Minaj said on the Ebro In The Morning radio show, seemingly suggesting that Meek and Drake are no longer feuding.

“If n**** got your name in their mouth for a year or two, then thank them,” Nicki continued. “Because if you come with great music after all that, then none of that matters.”

While Nicki didn’t explicitly mention Drake’s name, Minaj’s confessions about Meek’s tendency to slam other rappers in song comes just days after Complex reported that Meek slammed Drake, often referred to as Drizzy, in a freestyle rap.

Nicki Minaj talks Meek Mill's feud with Drake

“Posted up with Nicki, that’s when it get tricky,” Mill rapped in the Funk Flex Freestyle after his Drake feud hit the headlines once again this past August. “N*****s in they feelings, that’s when it get Drizzy.”

Meek Mill’s Drake diss came just days before rumors began to circulate claiming that Drake is actually now looking to date Nicki Minaj in the wake of his split with Rihanna, despite Nicki having dated Mill for the past two years.

Hollywood Life recently claimed that Drake was planning on “dating around” following his breakup with Rihanna “until the woman he truly wants is single,” who the site alleged is actually Minaj.

“[Nicki’s] the epitome of everything he wants in a woman,” the site’s source said, “and to be honest, the dude is infatuated with her.”

Nicki Minaj dishes on Drake & Meek Mill's drama

But it sounds like Nicki isn’t interested in dating Drake, even if she did find herself single.

“Nicki would be damn fool to get with him on a romantic tip,” a source told Hollywood Life is Nicki’s reluctance to start dating Drake, adding that Minaj has “seen the aftermath of his destruction” when it comes to the rapper’s dating life “and she doesn’t want all the heartbreak and tears” that could come from dating Drake.

“She’s not one of those girls that he can just run game on and leave when he gets ready!” the insider continued of Minaj amid the dating speculation.

Nicki has not officially spoken out about the rumors claiming that Drake has big plans to start dating her, though Minaj has made it pretty clear in the past that she’s standing by Meek’s side.


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Earlier this year, Hollywood Life claimed that Nicki was planning to call out Drake in a diss track in the midst of his feud with Mill, claiming that the rapper’s comments about her boyfriend of two years left her feeling pretty “disappointed” after the two collaborated so many times in the past.

“Nicki can put Drake on blast for a lot of things, including how he’s been after her for years, but she never gave in because she’s loyal to Meek,” an insider told the site of Minaj’s diss plans in August, just two months before it was claimed that Drake was planning on dating Nicki.

“No doubt Meek and Nicki have issues,” the source continued, “but at the end of the day, Meek’s her man and she’ll ride hard for him.”

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