CEO Rupert Hunt: 3-Floor Manhattan Loft For $1 Per Month In New York City #HousemateHunt [Video]

According to Zillow, a mere studio apartment with one bathroom in the West Village area of New York can go for $833,469 — or around $3,000 per month. Perhaps that’s why when CEO Rupert Hunt went live on the Facebook page of the Daily Mail to give a grand tour of a Manhattan loft with three floors and plenty of amenities went viral as folks learned the #HousemateHunt meant two people would only pay $1 per month for rent for six months.

The applications for the contest are currently open as of this writing — and will be open until Sunday. The Spare Room apartment share located in West Village notes a zip code of 10014, the West Village, New York City address that has been a haven for celebrities. As reported by the New York Daily News, famous folks like Sarah Jessica Parker and Julianne Moore have attracted people to the area.

“I want to choose you based on you, not the size of your wallet.”

Walking distance to the Christopher Street – Sheridan Square Station, the apartment comes with a 6-month term. Folks who go to should create a profile and upload a video, said Hunt, in order for Hunt to get an idea of their personality in choosing the #HousemateHunt winners. Ideally, Hunt said that it would be great for one male and one female to win the contest — even though Rupert is not trying to create a hookup situation.

As noted in the above video, wherein Hunt waxes on and on about tea — so much so that Rupert bores the boom mic guy — a light and airy bedroom with a queen-sized bed is shown, with a view of Bleecker Street. Bleecker Street runs from the east to the west in Manhattan. The fame of Bleecker Street is known as a Greenwich Village nightclub district these days.

Rupert described that his relocation from London to New York City has made Hunt want to share his amazing space with two other people — so that Hunt would experience the community that he experienced across the Big Pond.

“I’ve just moved to NYC, and I’m looking for two roommates to share the experience and kickstart my life here. Anyone can apply, I don’t have any fixed ideas about the kind of people I’m looking for – you can never predict who’ll make the perfect roommate, and preconceived ideas tend to go quickly out of the window when you meet people! I’ve lived with a variety of people over the past few years, ranging in age from 21 to 47.

“My only condition is that we get along well, and enhance each other’s lives in some way.”

Folks can get a feel for Rupert’s personality in videos like the one from YouTube above, as well as Rupert’s Instagram video below. That description asks people to imagine what six months of rent-free time would do to help their lives.

The apartment is close to 7th Avenue — and it’s a huge space, as seen in the videos.

Hunt notes that the West Village loft is even bigger than Rupert’s home in London. With three floors and three very big bedrooms, the loft should provide loads of room for the winners of the #HousemateHunt contest to share the space with Rupert.


Hunt describes his “work hard, play hard” mentality — and has asked folks to message Rupert on so Hunt can get a feel for their personalities. This writer has a feeling that Hunt will get plenty of messages on

Rupert wrote it would be nice to have someone familiar with New York City, but also have someone new to the city who could explore the place with Hunt as his roommates.

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