Toddler Gets Drunk At Birthday Party After Being Served Whiskey

Swansea, UK – A toddler in became intoxicated at his 2nd birthday bash when he was accidentally served whiskey instead of juice.

Little Sonny Rees was innocently celebrating his 2nd birthday with family at a Frankie and Benny’s restaurant, sipping diligently on a cup of what he (and the family) thought was juice, reports MSN. His mother, Nina Rees, realized the mistake after Sonny had nearly finished the drink. She recounted the incident:

“We went to the restaurant just after midday and I had ordered him lime juice and water, his favorite. The drinks arrived and I was encouraging him to take sips because he was eating salty things. We had finished our first course when we noticed he was pulling a face as he was drinking. I took it from him and took a sip myself. It was whisky, I would say a double. As soon as I sipped it I had the slight burny feeling in my throat and warming in my chest. Sonny had taken about 10 sips – he was obviously intoxicated.”

Nina recalled:

“I immediately went into a panic and a rage – I was crying my eyes out.”

Nina immediately took Sonny to the ER, where he slept the liquor off as doctors monitored his vital signs, reports BBC. Sonny is fine, by the way.The Frankie and Benny’s apologized for the incident, which has been chalked up as a tragic mix-up.

A Frankie and Benny’s spokesman said: “The company is incredibly sorry for what happened. It was a human error and we are putting measures in place to ensure it never happens again.”

Because drunken 2-year-olds can’t help a restaurant’s reputation.