Marjorie Orbin, Jay Orbin: Sexy Exotic Dancer-Turned-Suburban Mom Murdered, Dismembered Rich Husband — On ID’s ‘Betrayed’

Marjorie Orbin was a sexy exotic dancer who drove men crazy, but now she’s a convicted killer sentenced to life in prison for the murder and dismemberment of her husband, wealthy businessman Jay Orbin. Their deadly love story will air on Investigation Discovery’s crime television series Betrayed.

On Wednesday night’s episode of Betrayed, titled “Life and Limb,” Arizona investigators will chronicle the investigation into the life of serial wife Marjorie Orbin.

Betrayed: “Life and Limb”

Investigators are on the hunt for a wealthy Arizona businessman who disappeared weeks prior. His family is convinced that something terrible has happened to him, but his wife, a sultry former stripper, seems unconcerned. But when an unidentified torso turns up in the desert and is later identified as Jay Orbin, the trail of blood leads detectives back to Orbin’s front doorstep, where his “un-grieving” widow is waiting.

Jay Orbin, a 45-year-old businessman, disappeared from his home in 2004. His wife, Marjorie Orbin, told family members that her husband had returned from a business trip to Florida but headed out again after a brief stay. This was strange to Jay Orbin’s mother, who told police that the last time she spoke with her son he was planning to celebrate his birthday and promised to call her back.

That call never came because police say that Marjorie Orbin killed him. Police made that determination after Jay Orbin’s torso was found in an Arizona desert.

Authorities say days after Jay Orbin’s disappearance, financial records show that Marjorie kept herself busy by liquidating her rich husband’s assets and spending his money. They caught a break when they found proof that Marjorie had forged her husband’s name on some financial documents. There was also proof she bought plastic bags and large bins at a hardware store. They believe the bins and bags were used in the dismemberment of Jay Orbin’s body.

According to the Arizona-Republic, the prosecution laid out the following theory.

“Jay Orbin apparently had been sawed into pieces with a hand-held electric jigsaw. Marjorie Orbin purchased mops and buckets and other cleaning supplies – along with men’s underwear of the size worn by her lover. Two days later, she used her husband’s America Express card to buy two plastic tubs – like the one in which Jay Orbin’s torso was found in late October 2004 near the intersection of Tatum and Dynamite boulevards. Also in the tub was a single.38-caliber spent bullet.”

It also came to light that Marjorie Orbin was having an affair with a man named Larry Weisberg. The investigation revealed that the affair had started months earlier, and it appeared that Marjorie was in love with Larry.

The discovery of the body in the desert provided the seven-times married housewife with a chance to collect on an expensive insurance policy.

Jay Orbin, who sold Native American art and jewelry, had loved Marjorie Orbin from the start. When he first met her, she was working as an exotic dancer between Las Vegas and Florida. She was unwilling to have a serious relationship with him the first time around. However, when they lost contact and reconnected again, she had a change of heart and decided to marry Jay Orbin. She later gave birth to a son.

But family members say Marjorie worked Jay Orbin like she worked her stripper pole: It was all for the money. It would have been next to impossible for the sultry Marjorie Orbin to settle down for the rest of her life. She craved the excitement and attention from men too much.

In the end, she tried to put the blame on her boyfriend, Larry Weisberg, stating that Larry shot her husband in the garage after Jay returned from his trip and discovered Larry in the house.

Larry told police he had nothing to do with the crime and that Marjorie killed her husband all on her own. Police believe only part of that is true. Investigators believe that she had help dismembering the body and cleaning up the mess.

By the looks of it, Marjorie Orbin seems to be keeping herself in good shape. She still looks flawless, even in prison. Currently, she is serving her life sentence in Perryville, according to the Arizona Department of Corrections. Larry Weisberg was given immunity, and there is no word on where he is now.

According to the New York Post, Marjorie Orbin’s case was featured on CBS 48 Hours. There was even a book by Camille Kimball based on the case, What She Always Wanted: A True Story of Marriage, Greed, and Murder. Watch Betrayed on ID this Wednesday, October 19 at 9/8 p.m. Central. Last week’s Betrayed brought you the story of Ruie Ann Park.

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