Janet Jackson Due Next Month, Worried She Won't Get Her Pre-Baby Body Back?

Janet Jackson is reportedly due to give birth to her first child next month. But, according to an alleged insider close to the 50-year-old singer, Jackson has been "absolutely miserable" and worried that she won't get her pre-baby body back. A new exclusive report by Radar Online on Tuesday revealed that Janet Jackson has gained more weight with this pregnancy than she anticipated she would.

Rumors began swirling that Janet Jackson might be pregnant back in April when she postponed her world tour that was scheduled for May for the 2015 album release of Unbreakable -- Jackson's 11th studio album, following her 10th studio album titled Discipline in 2008. People Magazine shared last Wednesday that Janet Jackson finally confirmed that she was expecting her first child with her businessman husband for the last four years, 41-year-old Wissam Al Mana, a native of the Arab country Qatar.

The pregnancy announcement was no surprise to fans of Janet Jackson, mainly because the youngest of the 10 Jackson children has devoted much of her life to her singing and acting career, starting at the very young age of seven, when she performed in Las Vegas at the MGM Casino. At the age of 16, Janet Jackson's father and manager of The Jackson 5 -- a popular singing group comprised of five of Janet's older brothers, including the "King of Pop," Michael Jackson -- arranged her first singing contract with A&M Records, under the Universal Music Group out of Santa Monica, California.

Ever since Janet Jackson's first self-titled debut album in 1982, the "Nasty" singer has put starting a family of her own and children on the back burner, even though she's been married twice before, including one lengthy marriage to dancer and songwriter, Rene Elizondo Jr., from 1991 until 2000, when the couple "fell out as marital partners." But Romper shared on Monday that Janet Jackson underwent a "sudden change" in April and decided that she wanted to start planning a family with her current husband, Wissam Al Mana, who she started dating in 2010.

In a 2009 interview with Harper's Bazaar, Janet Jackson said that if she was really supposed to have kids, then it would happen. Jackson even entertained the idea of adoption, saying that, at the time, she didn't know if she would ever get married again, joking that boys are "stinky" and "dirty," anyway. Jackson, who currently has a home in London with Al Mana, has mostly kept quiet about her private life, but has been open about her first pregnancy, saying that she thanks God for her blessing.

And, even though Janet Jackson was reportedly ordered to bed rest last month due to unspecified pregnancy complications, as reported by Life and Style Magazine on September 11, the American pop superstar had been spotted out and about in late September. Radar Online shared a photo of a very pregnant Janet Jackson on October 1, along with the headline that Jackson hasn't been "feeling that great," as her due date nears sometime next month. The "rare" photo of Janet Jackson was also shared by ET Online, with an article that she was shopping for baby furniture in London, and appeared to be smiling and in "good spirits."

However, an alleged insider close to Janet Jackson, who recently gave an exclusive interview to Radar Online, is saying that Janet isn't loving this pregnancy as much as she thought she would. The source allegedly went on to say that Janet Jackson fears she will never get her "old body back" after putting on more pregnancy pounds than she thought she would.

"She's constantly commenting on how big she's gotten and, although her family tells her that it is just baby weight and will go away, she doesn't seem to believe it."

"Janet is just acting super emotional right now."

Some fans are even saying that Janet Jackson is wearing clothes that look a little "oversized" to hide the weight that she's gained, while other fans are just happy for her and say she looks beautiful.
"She will be a great mom."

"All love to Janet and her husband."

E! News even shared that Janet Jackson's pregnancy hasn't been the easiest, but she's excited to have her baby -- "the light at the end of the tunnel." The report goes on to say that Janet's main concern right now is to just have a healthy baby, not the added weight. E! News has their own source that allegedly says that Janet Jackson is still "tired" and "sluggish," but her health has improved, and her husband, family, and friends have all been very helpful throughout the pregnancy.
No news yet, though, on whether Janet Jackson's first-born will be a boy or a girl, or even a definite due date, but the Inquisitr shared last Thursday that Janet and Wissam already have a name picked out. According to an insider, the couple plans to name their baby after Janet Jackson's late brother, Michael, as a tribute, which may give fans of Janet Jackson some indication of her baby's gender -- or, maybe not.
"They have already chosen a name. The baby's first or middle name will be Michael."
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