Nicole Franzel And Corey Brooks Reunite: Did The ‘Big Brother 18’ Stars Confirm They’re Dating?

Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks shared a sweet showmance in the Big Brother 18 house this past summer and people are anxious to see if the two can transition this relationship into a real romance in the real world. She just went to visit him this past weekend and “NiCorey” shared a lengthy Periscope video with their supporters that covered a wide range of topics. Of course, what many BB18 fans want to know is whether or not they are officially dating now. Did Nicole and Corey share any scoop on this front?

As Big Brother 18 fans know, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks are facing a long-distance relationship if they do start up a real-life romance. She lives in Ubly, Michigan, while he lives in Dallas, Texas. She went down to Texas this past weekend to visit him, and it looks like they had a blast. Franzel stayed with Brooks and spent a lot of time with his friends, and it was clear that they had a really great weekend.

Corey and Nicole shared via their Periscope broadcast that they packed in a lot of activity into her four-day stay, and Brooks tried to convince the Big Brother 18 winner to move her flight so she could stay an extra day. The two will be together again very soon, as they will be joining Paulie Calafiore and Zakiyah Everette for a massive Halloween bash. NiCorey even talked about some costume ideas they’ve come up with where they’ll go with some kind of theme where their costumes relate to one another.

In addition to the Halloween event they’re doing with their Big Brother 18 buddies, Corey will visit Nicole in Michigan in early December. Franzel joked about trying to find interesting things for them to do in Ubly while he’s there, and they laughed about how unprepared he’ll be for the winter weather.

The two also talked a bit about possibly utilizing the trip she won during BB18 together to go to Mexico after Christmas. Also, Franzel and Brooks mentioned upcoming trips together to Los Angeles and Atlanta, so it sounds as if they will be seeing quite a bit of one another over the next few months.

Supporters flooded Corey and Nicole with questions throughout the Periscope broadcast, but there were two topics the BB18 duo were consistent in avoiding. Franzel talked a lot about the friends she made during both her initial run on Big Brother 16 as well as this past season, but she didn’t touch any question that referenced Hayden Voss, her former beau from her first BB stint.

The other major question that was asked again and again is whether Franzel and Brooks are an official couple now. Unfortunately, the closest NiCorey ever came to answering this one was a smile or a chuckle here or there. Many fans are dying to hear these two say that yes, they are officially a romantic couple. The two other showmances from Big Brother 18 have gone ahead and gone public on that front, as both Paulie and Zakiyah as well as James Huling and Natalie Negrotti have said that they are dating. However, Nicole and Corey are playing much more coy on this front.

These two have met some of one another’s family, and everybody seems to have really hit it off, and Nicole and Corey are obviously very comfortable with one another and seem pretty smitten. Many NiCorey fans think that it’s obvious that they are dating and don’t think that they need to even say it in so many words, but it will be interesting to see when and if they do say something more specific on this front.

Franzel did say that she’s still trying to decide what to do with her Big Brother 18 winnings and while she does plan to return to nursing, she isn’t sure where she’ll be working yet, so no firm plans are in place. She did also mention how she’s done a bit of house hunting, and he mentioned that she had sent him a listing of one that caught her eye. However, they were vague on where the house was located and eventually she said that no, she wasn’t really looking to buy a house at the moment.

Are Nicole and Corey dating or just on friendly terms and embracing the attention and opportunities that they garner by playing coy at the moment? Could this Big Brother 18 couple turn their showmance into something legitimate and serious? A lot of BB18 fans are rooting for Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks and hope that a real romance is developing for the two, but for now, everybody will have to hang tight and see just what comes next.

[Featured Image via Nicole Franzel/Instagram]