Paris Bomb Plot Foiled By French Government

A Paris Bomb Plot by Islamic terrorists has been foiled by police according to a French prosecutor in Paris. If the Paris bomb plot would succeeded it would have been the most lethal bomb plot since 1995, when an Algerian Islamist group bombed a Paris subway, killing ten people and injuring almost a hundred.

“Investigators rapidly unearthed very worrying details on the state of planning progress,” said French prosecutor Francois Molins. “I am not making comparisons but simply highlighting that in terms of danger and preparations – notably all the materials that were set to be part of the explosive device – we’ve not seen a similar case in French judicial police records since 1996.”

According to, “Molins said the police operation had dismantled what he called ‘a terrorist group that is probably the most dangerous (seen in France) since 1996’.”

12 people were arrested in Paris and one killed during a gunfire exchange with Paris police. After the raid police found a shotgun, rifle, 800 bullet rounds, cash, large amounts of potassium nitrate, sulphur, five meters of cable, alarm clocks, headlamp bulbs and a pressure cooker that could potentially serve as a bomb casing. Seven of the 12 have been arrested on suspicion of terrorist activity, with five being released.

“The terror threat in France is extremely high because it comes in multiple forms,” Roland Jacquard, president of the International Terrorism Observatory, said. “You have Pakistan-Afghanistan connections that stem from old al Qaeda networks, internal groups that have self-radicalized, al Qaeda in Islamic Magreb, and French intelligence services are also worried about violent terrorist reaction as a result of France’s hard stance on Syria and Iran.”


But the good news is that this Paris Bomb Plot is safely behind us. But as covered in another Inquisitor special interview on Islam we have to wonder when the next Islamic bomb plot will come.