‘Love And Hip Hop: Hollywood’ Rumors — Moniece Slaughter Sues Over Sex Tape?

The latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors suggest that controversial star Moniece Slaughter is none too pleased with the imminent release of her sex tape, and she’s taking it to court to try and stop it!

That’s according to the International Business Times, whose latest Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors report suggests that Moniece will be suing her Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood co-stars Jason Lee, Princess Love, and Brandi Boyd from releasing the tape to the public. We’ll recall that on last night’s episode, Jason Lee — who somehow got a copy of the intimate tape — played the tape for a crowd of people, and Princess confessed that they want to release the tape to “get back” at Moniece for something. (This is Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood, after all, so all it really takes for someone to get even with someone else is the other person simply existing.)

There’s just one little snag in their plan: Under California law — specifically, California Penal Code 647 — not only is revenge pornography (that is, when explicit photos or videos are released without the subject’s permission) illegal, it’s punishable by jail time and a fine. Even if Moniece doesn’t take the case to civil court, there’s definitely a potential criminal liability if these people release the sex tape without her permission.

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But Jason Lee doesn’t really care what Moniece Slaughter does or threatens to do, because, according to the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors put out by the Boombox, he’s going to release the sex tape whether she likes it or not. Lee feels that Moniece deserves everything she gets for simply existing, and he feels that releasing the sex tape is the only way to put her in her place.

Lee said, “The problem for me is she bullies everybody and now she’s met somebody who isn’t going to let her bully him. And so she’s been poking, poking, poking and I just felt like you know I have a receipt on you so let me just go ahead and show you I can f*** with you too. And it just so happens to be a big receipt, a sex tape. I didn’t drop it, and I haven’t dropped the second sex tape I have on her either. But right now I’m just f***ing with her, having a good time, making sure she doesn’t sleep well at night pretty much.”

What a charmer! But calm yourselves, ladies, he’s taken!

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That hasn’t stopped Moniece from getting her licks in against the rest of her co-stars, though, because, according to the Love and Hip Hop: Hollywood rumors put out by Monsters and Critics, Moniece wasn’t shy about letting her feelings about her co-stars be known, either.

According to the site, Moniece first fired back at Brandi, calling her a “gutter rat” for stooping so low as to try to release a sex tape without her permission.

Moniece stated, “I’m not surprised that this little gutter rat Brandi would stoop so low, after all, she loves to get dirty. But, I cannot figure out what Jason Lee has against me, I’ve never done anything to this man. Classic case of me minding my own f*****g business and then here comes some bulls***.”

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