Robert Pattinson, FKA Twigs Planning For A Baby Amid Possible ‘Twilight’ Reunion With Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson and girlfriend FKA Twigs have been embroiled in split rumors for some time now. On the contrary, the couple might be doing just the opposite, as Chat Sports Net reports that Pattinson and Twigs are planning on tying the knot and starting a family soon.

The Twilight star and the “Pendulum” singer have been vocal about their plans to settle down and conceive a baby sometime in the future. And it’s just as well. After all, the two have been together for two years already and have recently gotten engaged.


As mentioned in her interview with PaperMagazine,FKA Twigs plans to get married and have children soon with Robert. She added that it’s what’s expected of a country girl like her.

“I’m quite traditional. You know that saying, ‘You can take the girl out of the country but you can’t take the country out of the girl’? I grew up in Gloucestershire, and there’s a certain format that people fit into,” Twigs said.

“I’m actually quite happy with the format. I’m quite happy to say, ‘Go to school, work hard on your GCSEs, do your A-Levels, get married, have children. Send your kids to a nice school. Make sure you’re in the right catchment area.'”


FKA Twigs is no stranger when it comes to baby rumors. In fact, most of her fans initially thought she was pregnant when she released the video for “Glass and Patrons” in 2015. The video sees Twigs rocking a baby bump and giving birth, which led some viewers to believe that she and Pattinson were either expecting a child or planning to have one soon. It was later revealed that the “baby bump” was just a prop for the video.

Recently, however, there have been lots of rumors flying around that Pattinson and FKA Twigs are heading for a split. One time, the couple were spotted having a heated argument at the Los Angeles airport. As reported by Movie News Guide, there were reports claiming that Robert and Twigs were upset about having to strip for checking like normal passengers. However, there were rumors that FKA Twigs became angry because she didn’t want Pattinson to agree to participate in a rumored sequel to the Twilight saga, a movie series he starred in opposite ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

While there’s no official word yet that a new Twilight movie is in the works, there’s a strong possibility that it could happen. For one, there’s high demand among fans. Secondly, Lionsgate chief Patrick Wachsberger said in a recent interview that they are open to producing another Twilight movie if Stephenie Meyer agrees to write a sequel to the beloved vampire saga.

“Not a certainty but it’s a possibility. It’s about Stephenie [novelist Stephenie Meyer]. If she wants to tell a story related to those characters we’re here for her.”


As the Inquisitr recently reported, an insider claims that Robert is interested in starring in a new Twilight film because it offers a good opportunity to save his failing career. The insider, however, said that it might not happen because Stewart will only accept the offer if it involves a good amount of money.

“[Robert Pattinson] is more likely to come back if they make more Twilight films because he thinks it would re-spark his career, where Kristen [Stewart] wants to stay away from the franchise because she thinks of it as high school and she feels that she has graduated onto other opportunities that are more her right now. But if they pull up the Brinks truck to both of them they would highly consider it, because especially in Hollywood, money talks.”

Do you think that Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are going to have a baby soon? Do you think a new Twilight movie with Kristen Stewart is on the horizon? Feel free to sound off in the comments section below.

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