Rapper Azealia Banks Accuses Russell Crowe Of Assault In Beverly Hills Hotel

A female rapper, Azealia Banks is accusing Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe of assault, E! Online is reporting.

The New York rapper filed a police report alleging that Russell Crowe “called me a n****r, choked me, threw me and spat at me.” The purported incident occurred at a Beverly Hills hotel on Sunday. Banks filed the report with the Beverly Hills Police Department after demanding an apology from the Australian star, which he did not give.

However, multiple eyewitness accounts tell a different story, saying Banks scoffed at Crowe’s music choice and called attendees at the party “boring white men.” A woman who had tried to defend the Gladiator star had also been threatened by the Harlem rapper, who is known for her fiery temper.

“You would love it if I broke my glass, stabbed you guys in the throat, and blood would squirt everywhere like some real Tarantino s—t.”

Banks, who allegedly also hurled racial insults at guests, was said to have brandished her wine glass menacingly as she issued her threats.

It was at this point that Crowe purportedly grabbed Banks in a bear hug and carried her out of his suite and told security to remove her from the hotel. Reports say that Azealia Banks was the guest of RZA, a rapper and film producer who had cast Crowe in a movie called The Man With the Iron Fists. The 52-year-old actor had invited 10 guests over for a dinner party.

Banks had only recently signed to RZA’s record label. Four guests, including RZA, gave statements confirming the 25-year-old as “erratic” and saying that it was her who used the N-word and not the Aussie actor.

Azealia Banks in a Facebook post that has since been deleted said that she was shaken and finding it difficult to sleep. She also revealed that she was saddened that the men in the room had looked on as the Noah actor assaulted her.

“Last night was one of the hardest nights of sleep I’ve had in a long time…the men in the room allowed it to happen.”

The “212” rapper left two other statuses on Facebook, where she revealed she was depressed over the ordeal and that “I wish I had someone to beat him up for me.”

A legal representative for the hip hop artist said Monday that Banks would still address the issue in the coming days and back up her account with adequate proof. Russell Crowe continues to keep quiet over the allegations of physical assault.

Azealia Banks musical career has been eclipsed by a desire to always pick fights with celebrities, the media and even the general public. Only last month, the artist failed to appear in court on charges for allegedly attacking a nightclub bouncer on December 16. Azealia was charged with misdemeanor assault, attempted assault, and disorderly conduct after biting the female bouncer on the breast.

The Harlem rapper had also attacked Zayn Malik’s track “Like I Would,” accusing the estranged One Direction member of stealing her ideas. When Malik responded, she attacked him in a slew of racist and homophobic tweets, calling him a “curry scented b***h.” Disney Channel star Skai Jackson tweeted at the “Big Big Beat” singer to tone it down, and Banks told her to “grow some hips and start menses.”

The rapper had also tweeted that the former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, should be gang-raped and the footage spread over the internet after reading something wrongfully attributed to Palin saying African-Americans wanted to be slaves. She later apologized. The controversial rapper has also clashed with celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton, telling him to go and commit suicide.

The “Liquorice” rapper was also accused of punching and spitting in the face of a French man who accidentally blocked her from getting off a Delta Air Lines flight from New York to Los Angeles. A flight attendant who tried to intervene was called a “f*****g f****t.”

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