Kelly Dodd Says She And Vicki Gunvalson Are Great Friends, Despite What Happened In Ireland

Are Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson still friends? On the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode that aired on Monday night, it seemed as if their friendship was going to end after Tamra Judge claimed that Vicki stabbed Kelly in the back. According to Tamra, when she and Vicki were drinking together during their last night out in Ireland, Vicki told her Kelly had been saying horrible things about her for months. Tamra then proceeded to text Kelly, who was up in her hotel room, about what Vicki just did. When Kelly later saw Tamra and Vicki in the hotel hallway, Kelly denied that she ever told Vicki such things. Vicki stayed silent and eventually retreated from the scene. Kelly yelled to Tamra that Vicki was a liar.

After such drama, it could be understandable that Kelly ended her friendship with Vicki. Prior to the episode airing, Kelly posted a photo, taken during the trip, of herself with Meghan King Edmonds. Many viewers left supportive comments on Kelly’s photo, telling her that she was definitely ganged up on during the trip by Tamra, Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow.

Many people also criticized Vicki for abandoning Kelly and telling on her to Tamra. They pointed out that to Kelly that she defended and stuck by Vicki since the beginning of the season yet Vicki abandoned her when she thought that she might be friends with Tamra and Shannon again. They told Kelly that Vicki turned out to not be a fake friend after all.

Yet it seems that despite what happened that last night in Ireland, Kelly and Vicki are still friends. In response to one viewer who asked Kelly if she has reconciled with any of the other cast members, Kelly wrote that she and Vicki are great friends.


Kelly apparently finds some of her other co-stars to be the true villains. As the episode aired, Kelly posted a photo that suggests that she thinks that Tamra, Shannon and Heather are three witches.


Kelly later posted a clip that seemingly accused Shannon of stirring the drama.


Vicki agreed with Kelly’s assessment of Shannon. In response to Kelly’s tweet, Vicki said that Shannon did a great job of stirring things up in Ireland. According to Vicki, Shannon stirred up drama in order to stay relevant. Vicki even added hashtags that made it clear that she finds Shannon boring. Kelly then re-tweeted Vicki’s tweet.


Did Vicki really tattle on Kelly to Tamra? When a viewer asked Vicki if she really told Tamra that Kelly badmouthed her for months or if Tamra was just lying again, Vicki didn’t answer.


Things got ugly on the latest The Real Housewives of Orange County episode. During the cast’s last night in Ireland, Kelly Dodd and Vicki Gunvalson went out drinking. Tamra Judge, Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow later went out on their own drinking session. Tamra texted Vicki to join them, but only if she didn’t bring Kelly along. After she finished hanging out with Kelly, who went back to her hotel room, Vicki took up Tamra’s invitation.

In a confessional interview, Tamra said that during their time together, Vicki told her that Kelly badmouthed her for months. Tamra explained that she, infuriated over what Vicki just told her, then texted Kelly a photo of herself and Vicki having fun together. Tamra asked Kelly why she badmouthed her and what she thought of Vicki telling on her.

When Vicki, Tamra, Shannon, and Heather went back up to their rooms, Kelly confronted them in the hallway. Kelly sobbingly told Tamra that she did not do what Vicki claimed she did. “She’s a liar!” Kelly yelled about Vicki.

Did Kelly really badmouth Tamra to Vicki for months? In her blog recapping the latest episode, Tamra wrote that she believes that Vicki lied about what Kelly supposedly did. Tamra pointed out that Vicki was visibly uncomfortable and even ran down the hall when Kelly maintained that she was innocent. Tamra now believes that Vicki, after seeing that Kelly was trying to mend things with her, decided to try to get her mad at Kelly again so that they wouldn’t be friends. For Tamra, what happened that night was just another example of Vicki throwing a friend under the bus.

“When she got off the elevator I started taking to Kelly and she started crying telling me she had never said a bad thing about me. So who’s lying? You could see Vicki felt really uncomfortable and ran down the hall so she didn’t have to be confronted. Vicki was doing what she does best tossing her good friends under the bus. By the way Vicki ran off, I believe she was lying to try to get me mad at Kelly. It was so calculated! She knew Kelly had apologized to me and knew I would move on. Seems like Vicki doesn’t want me to be friends with Kelly. I wonder why?”

Yet from Kelly’s tweet about her friendship with Vicki, it seems that she has either forgiven Vicki for telling Tamra what she did or she doesn’t believe Tamra’s account that Vicki did such a thing.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki recently attended Kelly’s surprise birthday party. The two women also shopped together for the upcoming The Real Housewives of Orange County season 11 reunion show. Vicki posted a video clip of herself and Kelly saying that they were ready for whatever the other women were going to throw at them at the reunion show.

Perhaps at the upcoming reunion show, now that Vicki Gunvalson has seen how Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador has continued to criticize her on social media and on their blogs, Vicki will stop trying to be friends with everyone and stick up for Kelly Dodd more?

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