Nintendo NX Release Details Imminent And 'Beyond Good And Evil' Dated

Nintendo NX release details are just around the corner if the latest rumors are any indication. According to Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki via his Twitter account, he expects to see news drop on the NX as early as this week.

While normally this would be taken with a grain of salt like every other rumor so far, the Wall Street Journal is the most reputable source to date to come forward with information. October also marks the next investors call to discuss the second quarter financials. Considering that Nintendo has little in the form of software coming out for the remainder of the year for its home console the Wii U, this could add weight to Mochizuki's comments.

With this latest leak, sites all over the internet have erupted with presumed rumors of hardware, software, and pricing for the Nintendo NX. Reddit user FlapSnapple who allegedly works at a major retailer offered up plenty of information when it came to pricing, bundles, as well as marketing.

From the marketing side of things, a poster was seen that confirmed what most have felt all along. The Nintendo NX is set to be a mix of both a home console and a handheld. The word on the poster read, "Interact with your game on the go." Demo units are expected to hit retailers in February 2017. It was also said that the NX is expected to launch with as many as four first party titles.

[Image by Eurogamer]
[Image by Eurogamer]

Bundles and pricing were another area the report touched on. According to SKU numbers, the NX would launch with two bundles. While it isn't known what the bundles consist of, pricing was stated. One bundle would be priced at $299 while the other model would be $399.

As for the packaging, NX remains on the box, but it was mentioned this could be just a placeholder. It seems odd, but blue and white are said to be the color despite the fact that Nintendo has very deliberately gone back to red and white with all of their messaging recently. The box is said to be on par with or slightly larger than that of the Wii U.

While it is hard to corroborate FlapSnapple's information, more details have leaked of an upcoming game that is set to be on Nintendo's next platform. Let's Play Video Games offered up details on Ubisoft's upcoming Beyond Good and Evil title. The site states that the game is to be a standalone reboot not a sequel like some originally thought.

[Image by Ubisoft]
[Image by Michel Ancel/Instagram]

Nintendo fans will be most interested in the second little bit of information. A new CG trailer is set to debut alongside the reveal of the NX that is due soon. The game has a date of 2018 attached to it, and it is thought that Beyond Good and Evil will be a Nintendo exclusive.

What is not known is what part Nintendo has to play in the game. It is not beyond the realm of possibility that Nintendo would partner with a third party to resurrect a franchise. Nintendo was a major reason that Platinum Games made the sequel to Bayonetta even though the game did not appear on a Nintendo system at the time of its original release.

Regardless of whether any of the rumors prove to be true, it may be in the company's best interest to discuss Nintendo NX release details sooner rather than later. Do you think they should go ahead and release what they have so far to make sure the information is told on their terms? Do any of the rumors to this point make you more interested in their next console?

[Featured Image by Drew Angerer/Getty Images]