‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 13: Will Marika Dominczyk, Leah Murphy, Or Bridget Regan Be Arizona’s New Girlfriend?

For those of you who are biting your nails while continuing to watch Season 13 of Grey’s Anatomy, get ready because Entertainment Weekly has learned that Marika Dominczyk has landed a guest star role in the medical drama.

Marika Dominczyk is slated to play the role of Eliza Minnick. Unfortunately, Grey’s Anatomy fans will just have to continue to watch Season 13 as additional details regarding this new character are being kept deep under wraps.

Marika Dominczyk will be joining the recent trio of actresses making their way to Grey Sloan Memorial for Season 13. Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) is rumored to be getting a new love interest. Bridget Regan is taking on a role for Season 13 no one knows anything about. And, Tessa Ferrer is bringing back Leah Murphy.

As fans may recall, Leah Murphy was a former – and brief – love interest of Arizona when Callie made her move out after learning Arizona had cheated on her with another woman. Naturally, Grey’s Anatomy fans wasted no time questioning whether or not Leah Murphy was being brought back into the show in order to rekindle the relationship she had with Arizona.

Once it was confirmed that Callie (Sara Ramirez) was no longer a part of the Grey’s Anatomy cast, fans quickly began to wonder if Arizona would be moving on in the romance department. Would she get a new love interest? Shonda Rhimes reassured curious fans that Arizona would be getting a new love interest.

“I’m very excited to introduce a love interest for her, and to get to tell a story with her that lets her be who she is, and to see who she is post the relationships that she’s had.”

Does this mean Grey’s Anatomy fans who double as Arizona fans will get to see a lot more of Jessica Capshaw on screen for Season 13? Only time will tell, but Shonda has certainly done a good job of teasing that fans would get to learn a lot more about how Arizona has changed and grown as a person following her relationship with Callie.

Will Marika Dominczyk, Bridget Regan, or Tessa Ferrer be the new love interest of Arizona Robbins? Could one of these three lovely ladies end up being the mysterious sister of Owen Hunt? Is it possible that there is someone else already in the show or someone who we don’t know anything about who will be the love interest of Arizona?

At this time, no one really knows who is going to end up being the love interest of Arizona. If her love interest is someone who just has a guest role on the show, does that mean the relationship is going to be temporary? Will Marika Dominczyk, Bridget Regan, or Tessa Ferrer end up being worked into the cast as a regular?

If one of these three women ends up being the love interest of Arizona Robbins, it certainly makes sense for them to end up being a regular on the show. This is, of course, unless Arizona herself isn’t going to be in the show for too much longer. Or, if the relationship isn’t going to last very long. Shonda also never really made it clear as to whether or not Arizona’s love interest would be introduced in Season 13 or if fans would have to wait for another season.

Fans have also recently been speculating the return of Katherine Heigl’s Izzie Stevens, as the show appears to be putting some spotlight on the hospital’s clinic Izzie was responsible for founding. Chances are pretty good, however, that even if Izzie was brought back into the show she would not suddenly be open to the idea of being a potential love interest for Arizona Robbins. If she did come back to the show, it probably also wouldn’t be for Season 13 as Katherine Heigl is currently pregnant.

Unless Shonda finds a way to work Izzie into the show as a pregnant character, chances are pretty good fans are going to have to wait a season or two to see if Dr. Stevens ever returns.

Who do you think is going to be the new love interest of Arizona Robbins? Do you think her new sweetheart will be introduced in Season 13? Don’t forget to keep up with Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 on Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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