Nicki Minaj, Drake Hook Up Isn't Happening Anytime Soon: Find Out Why Minaj Won't Date 'Hotline Bling' Singer

Drake and Rihanna are reportedly on the outs, so that means one thing: All of the Drake-Nicki Minaj hookup rumors can start again!

For years, rumors have flown that Nicki is the apple of Drake's eye, so of course, after his recent split from Rihanna, the rumor mill has turned it's attention back to Drake and Nicki. But at least one source is reporting that Drake and Nicki will not ever be a thing, and it's probably not why you think.

No, it's not because Nicki Minaj has been dating Meek Mill on and off for nearly two years. Nope, instead, Nicki won't date Drake because Drake tears "through women like Hurricane Matthew." At least, that's what an unnamed source of rumors is reporting.

"Drake is cool as the other side of the pillow, but Nicki would be damn fool to get with him on a romantic tip. She's seen Drake tear through women like Hurricane Matthew and she's not about to get twisted up in his shenanigans. She's seen the aftermath of his destruction and she doesn't want all the heartbreak and tears. She's not one of those girls that he can just run game on and leave when he gets ready!"
Nevermind the fact that Nicki already has a boyfriend. In fact, Meek Mill and Drake have a bit of history between them, so it should come as no surprise that Meek already snapped back at the Nicki and Drake hookup rumors.

According to Complex Magazine, Meek took a shot at Drake's alleged feelings for Nicki in a recent freestyle.

According to an earlier report from the Inquisitr, Meek's freestyle came after Hollywood Life reported that Drake would be willing to wait for Nicki to split from Meek.
"Drake's going to date around the block for a cool minute until the woman he truly wants is single — and that special lady is Nicki. [Nicki's] the epitome of everything he wants in a woman."
The rumors of Drake's infatuation with Nicki come just days after Drake reportedly split from another hip-hop queen: Rihanna. Drake and Riri were hot and heavy for a while, but their relationship reportedly came to a grinding halt after another woman came between the two of them.

According to Hollywood Life, that other woman was Nicki Minaj.

"Several weeks ago [Drake and Rihanna] had an argument about Nicki because Drake kept rapping the lyrics to a few of he and Nicki's collabs and going on and on about how he and Nicki are magical when they're on a track together," the Hollywood Life source reported. "Ri felt offended and thought Drake was being high key disrespectful when they themselves have worked together. Words were said, Drake apologized but Ri still feels some type of way and is jealous of his love for Nicki."

Regardless of the reason behind Drake and Rihanna's split, one thing seems to be obvious: A Drake and Nicki hookup isn't on the horizon. If Hollywood Life is to be believed, Nicki doesn't want anything to do with that storm!

What do you think of the rumor that Drake wants to hook up with Nicki Minaj? Do you think Drake and Nicki would make a good couple, or do you think Nicki should stick with Meek Mill for the long run? Why?

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