Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumors: Will Galaxy S8 Get Samsung’s 10-Nanometer Revolutionary Chip?

Samsung has commenced mass production of a first-of-its-kind 10-nanometer chip that cuts power consumption nearly half while boosting performance. Could it be the chip under the Galaxy S8’s hood?

After this year’s demise of Galaxy Note 7, rumors emerged about Samsung speeding up production of their next flagship device the media is calling the Galaxy S8.

While there has been no confirmation about that yet, Samsung has officially announced their mass production of a semiconductor nanochip that might be under the hood of the Korean company’s next smartphone.

The Impressive 10-Nanometer Chip

According to a post in the Samsung Newsroom, the company has already started mass producing the first-of-its-kind nanochip that makes use of their FinFET technology.

In the statement, Samsung Electronics Head of Foundry Business and Executive Vice President Jong Shik Yoon noted that this latest development showcases the company’s “leadership in advanced process technology” and vowed that they will continue developing technologies that could help consumers.

“We will continue our efforts to innovate scaling technologies and provide differentiated total solutions to our customers.”

Samsung also explained what made the smaller nanochip better as it will enable 40 percent less power consumption while increasing area efficiency by 30 percent, thereby improving performance by as much as 27 percent compared to the previous 14nm chip developed by the company.

“In order to overcome scaling limitations, cutting edge techniques such as triple-patterning to allow bi-directional routing are also used to retain design and routing flexibility from prior nodes.”

Aside from that, Samsung and its partners are also planning to develop an entire ecosystem based on the 10nm chip that covers reference flow verification, libraries, and IPs.

Furthermore, Samsung revealed its plans to launch the said chip by 2017.


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Will The 10nm-Chip Power The Samsung Galaxy S8?

With the chip’s launch set for 2017, speculations emerged on whether the innovative and more powerful SoC be under the rumored Galaxy S8 to redeem Samsung from the Galaxy Note 7 exploding fiasco.


Aside from the S8’s release date set for the Mobile World Congress in February 2017, the rumors which are mostly based on the trend that the Korean company is following regarding the Galaxy S series that house Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors.

Coincidentally, Samsung had previously announced its acquisition of a contract to mass produce the Snapdragon 830 processors earlier this year.

A report from Reuters revealed that the deal that resulted from Samsung overcoming its rival Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co Ltd (TSMC) is worth more than $1 billion per analysts cited in the report.

“This is very significant because never before has Qualcomm used foundries other than TSMC to make high-end chipsets,” explained Warren Lau, an analyst from the Maybank Kim Eng.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S8 is rumored to be released as early as February 2017 with Samsung reportedly fast tracking its development to redeem the company from more customer loss after the Galaxy Note 7 failed to deliver expected numbers.

“Smartphone demands have polarized: advanced and emerging markets, and premium and budget phones,” tech securities analyst Kim Sang-pyo told the Korean Herald.

“If Samsung’s flagship smartphone launch is delayed to the end of the first quarter of next year, the profitability of the mobile business division could be worsened next year.”

Other rumors peg the Galaxy S8 to be the smartphone with the best battery life which may be partly thanks to the new 10nm chip if it will indeed be under the smartphone’s hood.

Samsung Galaxy S8 VR Support
[Image by David Ramos/Getty Images]

Moreover, Galaxy S8 is predicted to be available in two variants: one that boasts a 5.1-inch curved 2K Super AMOLED display and another with a 5.5-inch 4K display specifically engineered for VR use.

Speculations also put a dual-lens camera system on its rear to match the iPhone 7 Plus’s newest feature with the addition of a Viv virtual assistant in place of the S voice, per the Korean Herald.

[Featured Image by David Ramos/Getty Images]