October 17, 2016
Pikachu And Ash Ketchum Return To Theaters For 'Pokemon: The First Movie' For Their 20th Anniversary

Fans of the worldwide phenomenon Pokemon GO are in for a treat as the Pokemon Company and Cinemark work together to bring Pokemon: The First Movie to theaters for two days.

According to the official website of the franchise, the animated film is slated for a re-release in theaters on October 29 and November 1 as the franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary.

In the franchise's cinematic debut, Ash Ketchum, his electrifying Pokemon buddy Pikachu, and the rest of the gang are faced with the task of pacifying the Legendary Pokemon Mewtwo which was first released almost 17 years ago.

Pokemon: The First Movie Returns To Cinemas

Thanks to Cinemark and The Pokemon Company, the new generation of Pokemon trainers who only received their calling after the release of the widely popular mobile game Pokemon GO will be able to watch one of the biggest Poke-battles of all time in more than 200 Cinemark theaters.

Aside from the 75-minute flick, Cinemark will also deliver a re-run of the classic short animation feature Pikachu's Vacation for the collective ticket cost of $5.

Pokemon: The First Movie and Pikachu's Vacation will be aired during the matinee shows on October 29 and in the evening shows of November 1. Pre-sale of movie tickets is already available via Cinemark's official website.

After its release in Japan and North America on July 18, 1998 and November 10, 1999, Pokemon: The First Movie reached the $160 million mark in the global box office scene which makes it a fitting anniversary movie for the franchise.

With that said, this should serve as a warning for those who have just come to love Pikachu and his trainer Ash as we are about to discuss the awesomeness of the film which means spoilers for the Pokemon: The First Movie lie ahead. Consider yourself warned.

Pokemon: The First Movie Summary

Known to the 90s generation as a tear-jerker, Pokemon: The First Movie is dubbed as one of the most memorable films in the franchise not only because of the introduction of Mew and the Legendary Mewtwo but also because of what happens to Ash.

The film begins with a group of scientists working for Team Rocket's leader Giovanni discover a fossilized eyelash of the Legendary Pokemon Mew and clone it into a supersoldier we now know as Mewtwo.

Unfortunately, the experiment went haywire as soon as the new breed of Pokemon awakens, leaving scientists injured and the entire laboratory destroyed with his psychic abilities.

Although Giovanni was able to convince Mewtwo to work with him to hone his powers, the Legendary Pokemon later discovers the Team Rocket leader's hidden agenda and escapes to New Island only to return for his revenge on humanity as a whole.

Meanwhile, Pokemon trainers including Ash, Misty, and Brock are invited to New Island to meet the greatest Pokemon Master in the world.

But as they near the gang near the Old Shore Wharf, they discover that something is wrong as trainers are prevented from sailing to the island by a powerful storm.

However, Ash, Misty, and Brock are picked up by Team Rocket and dropped on the island where they encountered Mewtwo.

As 90s kids know, battling Mewtwo isn't exactly a walk through the park as the Legendary Pokemon proceeds with his plot to eradicate humans and leave only cloned and wild Pokemons to roam the Earth.

'Pokemon: The First Movie' Battle Sequence
[Image by the Pokemon Company]

Long story-short, Pikachu gets captured and Ash and a group of other Pokemon battle with Mewtwo. With his Pokemon comrades already injured, Ash gets desperate and enters the battle line only to get caught up in Mewtwo's attack.

Ash is then petrified and a desperate Pikachu tries to shock him to life. That is when Mewtwo realizes that one's origins do not define a person—it is his choices in life.

[Featured Image by the Pokemon Company]