October 17, 2016
'The Division' Public Test Server Closing This Week Bringing The 1.4 Update Release Even Closer

After debuting in late September, the public test server for The Division is finished with 1.4 testing. The public test server will no longer be available to test the upcoming 1.4 content after October 18 bringing agents one major step closer to seeing 1.4 on the live servers. Although there is no firm release date for the 1.4 update for The Division, the closure of the public test server undoubtedly means its release is imminent barring any unforeseen circumstances.

The public test server will no longer be available to PC players after early tomorrow morning. The announcement of the server's closure is noted on the official forums for The Division with specific times detailed. It appears that, even though the public test server is closing right now, the server will be back eventually to test other upcoming content for the game.

"On Tuesday, October 18th at 10:00am CEST / 04:00am EDT / 01:00am PDT the PTS for Update 1.4 will come to an end. As we wrap things up, we want to thank everyone for your involvement in making the PTS a huge success. These dedicated forums will remain open until the Update goes live, so feel free to continue discussing PTS related topics."
The Division
Each incursion will provide certain gear set slots of all gear sets [Image by Ubisoft]

Last week, The Division team did not stream the weekly state of the game instead posting a brief blog update. The fourth week of public test server changes to the 1.4 update included a number of challenge mode changes in addition to other difficulty alterations. As the Inquisitr reported, the week four notes were described as "final tweaks" before patch 1.4 releases on the live servers. With the public test server closure occurring tomorrow, players might see finalized 1.4 content as early as later this week when the game typically undergoes maintenance.

Update 1.4 for The Division is drastically changing the way players experience the game especially at the level cap. After reaching level 30, players will now enter a max level version of New York that can increasingly get more difficult with the introduction of World Tiers. As stated in the overview on the official website, World Tiers come in four brackets based off of a character's gear score. The level of the World Tier will dictate the gear score of the items dropped in all events making all content meaningful as a player gets stronger.

The Division
These sets and several others will be found everywhere in the game [Image by Ubisoft]

Players and enemies will both perform differently after the update, too. The time it takes to kill a foe should be quicker and the time is takes to be killed by a mob should be increased. Overall, the spike in difficulty from hard to challenge mode content should be smoother due to the enemy re-balancing and the way players acquire gear. In fact, all gear sets will be obtainable from all sources in the game with specific set weighting no longer bottlenecking players into certain content. Higher difficulty will soon mean more gear rather than better gear since the World Tier type designates the highest possible gear score of dropped gear.

The Division 1.4 update will also provide a number of quality-of-life improvements in addition to the introduction of Field Proficiency leveling. A "craft all" button, weapon skins no longer taking up inventory space, and a buyback option on vendors will all make the game a little more comfortable to play.


Not to mention, players will continue benefiting from experience after level 30 once the update launches. At level 30, players will begin to fill a Field Proficiency bar that provides a Field Proficiency cache. Not to mention, players will continue earning Underground caches after the maximum Underground level is reached with 1.4. Repeatedly leveling these bars offers caches each time, and they contain helpful items like weapon and gear appropriate for The Division player's current gear score.

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]