‘The Walking Dead’ Season 7 Episode 1 Spoilers: The Shot Heard Around The World [Video]

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 1, titled “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” will air on AMC next Sunday and feature the long sought after resolution to the most talked about topic of the summer… the first person to die at the hands of Negan.

Although there have been many theories leading up to this major episode of The Walking Dead, a report by TV Guide indicates that the show is about to make such a big transition in the story that it will affect every possible story arc in Season 7, including the plotlines that involve the Kingdom and the Hilltop colonies.

Fans of The Walking Dead will be delighted to know that the show’s special effects guru, Greg Nicotero, has taken the helm for Episode 1 of Season 7, which is the one episodes that audiences across the world will be tuning into to see and it is expected to be a ratings bonanza.

The first thing that The Walking Dead fans need to realize is that even though Robert Kirkman has already written and disseminated the source material in the comic books, there is little to no chance that Negan will be killing Glenn Rhee in Episode 1. The AMC show has proven time and again that it is willing to part with the source material in order to get an improved viewing experience for its fans. That is something The Walking Dead producers will also be demonstrating on Season 7 as well.

Starting off, Walking Dead fans have already seen that Rick Grimes has not been killed by Lucille in the Season 7 opener. He is seen speaking to Negan in a calm and collected manner. He tells Negan in a slow and succinct tone that he is going to kill him. Whether it is today or tomorrow, he is going to kill him.

There are clues that were hidden in the Walking Dead teaser that indicate the person who died was right next to Rick when it happened. Although all clues point to Maggie, there are also signs that indicate Sasha was killed as well.

Either way, what we know so far about Season 7 Episode 1 of The Walking Dead is that the reverberations of the scene will be echoed all season long with an all out war at some point. It will take Rick and the core group quite some time to regroup, but something is going to go down.

When Negan swings the bat and kills this person on The Walking Dead, it will also be the shot heard all around the known world within the Walking Dead universe. This post-apocalyptic show is a small world and the revenge that will be sought on Negan will vibrate through the many communities that are about to be introduced on the show.

There will be no going back to the way it was before when Alexandria was a peaceful place for Walking Dead survivors to live. They can forget about Judith growing up with some stability and peace, away from the violence. The world has gotten bigger now and the zombies are not the primary threat to their existence. The truth is, all of the core characters are far too strong and smart for that to happen anyway. At this point, the zombies are really just a secondary distraction on the show. They are a way to give The Walking Dead characters more depth and detail. Something to add to the danger, but only for moments at a time.

In this world, Negan is a king and The Walking Dead are his perverted way of forcing the communities to concede to his demands.

[Featured Image by AMC]