Mary J. Blige Divorce Gets Ugly As Husband Kendu Isaacs Asks For Astronomical Spousal Support

Shaunee Flowers

So much for "No More Drama." Mary J. Blige's estranged husband Martin "Kendu" Isaacs has filed a request for temporary spousal support and the amount he wants is pretty shocking, especially since the couple has no children together. According to Isaacs, he feels entitled to a large sum of Mary's money because of the lifestyle she created for him and he also thinks the prenup he signed is bogus.

According to TMZ, Kendu Isaacs is asking for $129,319 per month in spousal support. It's unclear how he came up with such an odd number (or one that high for that matter) but he's made it clear that since Mary J. Blige was the wage earner during their 12-year marriage, he feels like she should pay up big in order for him to maintain the upscale lifestyle that he is used to living. Kendu also wants help from his estranged wife to pay those legal fees that are now mounting up as a result of their impending divorce.

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It didn't take long after Mary J. filed for divorce that the cheating rumors started. Although she refuted the sordid story, rumor has it that Kendu Isaacs was messing around with "Superhead" Karinne Steffans. Mary J. Blige never did comment on whether that was the reason for ending her longtime marriage or not.

Instead, Mary J. did make it clear that she had a rock solid prenup with Isaacs and that he wasn't about to get hefty spousal support payments no matter what. It must not award much, if anything at all, to Isaacs who has hotly contested the document since getting served with divorce papers earlier in the year.

Kendu Isaacs claims that the prenup is not nearly as solid as Mary J. Blige would like to believe. He called the document "immensely invalid, unenforceable and unconscionable" according to another TMZ report. Kendu believes the paperwork isn't worth anything because he didn't have a lawyer present when he signed it.

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The most recent request for spousal support filed by Kendu Isaacs in a Los Angeles Superior Court on Monday claims that since Mary J. Blige fired him as her manager, he has no source of income. According to the Daily Mail, Kendu says that as Mary J.'s manager, Kendu pulled in $46,204 per month and his total earnings last year were $554,465.

Kendu claims that he is currently in dire financial need and that his bank account is overdrawn by more than $13,000. He wants Mary J. Blige to pony up spousal support payments and details specific amounts that he "needs" in order to pay rent on several properties, money he pays out to his parents, and for payments to his personal trainer and chef. He also wants money to cover his child support payments, transportation, and grocery bills.

Should Mary J. Blige be responsible for Kendu Isaacs' expenses in the wake of their divorce filing? Tell us what you think of his spousal support request in the comments section below.

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