‘Dancing With The Stars’ Results Week 6: Who Went Home Tonight? Eight Couples Remain After ‘Latin Night’ Performances

Who went home on Dancing with the Stars on Week 6? One couple was eliminated after all nine couples performed their Latin Night dances. That leaves just eight couples safe for another week. With just a few weeks to go before the Season 23 finalists are revealed, judges’ scores and votes from fans matter more than ever.

Pitbull opened Monday night’s show with a performance of “Greenlight” on the ABC ballroom stage before he joined Carrie Ann, Julianne, and Bruno at the judges’ table.

Who topped the leaderboard this week, who was in jeopardy, and which couple was eliminated at the end of the two-hour show? Here’s a recap of what happened tonight!

[Warning: Dancing with the Stars Week 3 elimination results ahead]


Right before the couples started their Latin Night routines, host Tom Bergeron announced the first couple who would be safe for another week — Ryan and Cheryl. The couple celebrated the news with the first performance of the night, one that earned them a score of 30 (7-8-8-7). See the complete Week 6 leaderboard below.

Terra and Sasha were up next on the dance floor with a Paso Doblé, but the judges didn’t think it was hot-hot-hot. They earned a score of 30 (7-8-8-7) and while that wasn’t a perfect score, Tom Bergeron announced that they were safe — Terra and Sasha were thrilled that they will be back for another round of dancing next week.


Terra and Sasha were up next on the dance floor with a Paso Doblé, but the judges didn’t think it was hot-hot-hot. They earned a score of 30 (7-8-8-7) and while that wasn’t a perfect score, Tom Bergeron announced that they were safe — Terra and Sasha were thrilled that they will be back for another round of dancing next week.

Throughout the show, Tom and Erin revealed the names of the couples who were safe and those who were in jeopardy. In addition to Ryan and Cheryl, and Terra and Sasha, Tom revealed that two more couples were safe just 40 minutes into the two-hour show — James and Sharna, and Marilu and Derek. Buddy TV was spot on with their prediction that Marilu and Derek would be safe — will Derek dance his way to his 7th Mirrorball trophy?

Before Amber and Maks performed their Cha Cha, it was revealed that they were the first couple in jeopardy this week. Carrie Ann told Amber that she lights up the ballroom, but she needs to break through and give more on the dance floor.


Pitbull loved Amber’s outfit, but he seemed to love everyone’s outfit during Latin Night — and he gave out a lot of 8s on Monday night. Amber and Maks received a 28 (7-7-7-7) for their Latin Night performance, but did they get eliminated at the end of the show? Find out below!

Next up — James and Sharna who topped the leaderboard last week. They went into tonight’s performance knowing that they were safe and their performance was once again spectacular. The judges thought so, with Carrie Ann calling their Rumba “incredible” and Julianne telling James that he’s the best male dancer they’ve ever had on the show. They received a score of 38 (10-9-9-10) and are now top contenders for the Season 23 Mirrorball trophy.


Marilu and Derek performed a Cha Cha on Monday night and Derek mentioned that it was “weird” dancing this sexy dance with a woman his mother’s age. It turns out that dancing with an older woman was hot — their Cha Cha was fun to watch and the judges thought so, too. Safe this week, Marilu and Derek received a score of 34 (8-9-9-8).

Jana and Gleb were told they were in jeopardy before they danced an extremely sexy Argentine Tango, complete with a shower scene. Julianne thought it was the hottest Argentine Tango and that they had “so much chemistry.”

Bruno said it was “down and dirty” — in other words, he loved it. Jana and Gleb earned a perfect score of 40 (10-10-10-10), but were they the couple who was eliminated on Monday night? Find out below!


Host Tom Bergeron revealed that Maureen and Artem were safe, giving them an extra boost of confidence when they performed their Samba.

Judges thought the former star of the 70s show The Brady Bunch did a good job, with Pitbull telling her that he loved her positivity, but she did a little “overthinking” on the dance floor. Maureen and Artem received a score of 31 (8-7-8-8) and will need plenty of votes from their fans to keep them moving forward in the competition.

Next up on the dance floor were Calvin and Lindsay who performed an Argentine Tango to “Hotel California” by Eagles. Although they were told that they were in jeopardy before their performance, they really gave it their all, with Lindsay pushing Calvin to go all-out sexy on Monday night.

Carrie Ann said she had “never seen lifts like that in 23 seasons” of Dancing with the Stars and the other three judges chimed in with equally rave reviews. Although they faced possible elimination on Monday night, they were thrilled with the score of 37 (9-10-9-9) they received. Find out if they went home below.


Laurie and Val performed the last dance of the night after being told they were safe this week. Last week, they didn’t make it to the top of the leaderboard, dropping to the second lowest score of the night.

Val promised in his People blog that they would “heat things up” with their Salsa and they sure did. Although they didn’t score a perfect 40 like Jana and Gleb, they got back in the game with a score of 37 (9-9-9-10).

So, who went home on Latin Night?

Here’s a recap of the scores, the names of the contestants in safe and in jeopardy, and the name of the couple who went home on Dancing with the Stars Week 6.

Leaderboard Week 6

  • Jana and Gleb — 40
  • Calvin and Lindsay — 37
  • Laurie and Val — 37
  • James and Sharna — 38
  • Marilu and Derek — 34
  • Maureen and Artem — 31
  • Ryan and Cheryl — 30
  • Terra and Sasha — 30
  • Amber and Maks — 28

Safe or In Jeopardy Week 6?

  • Ryan and Cheryl — Safe
  • Terra and Sasha — Safe
  • Amber and Maks — Jeopardy
  • James and Sharna — Safe
  • Marilu and Derek — Safe
  • Jana and Gleb — Jeopardy
  • Maureen and Artem — Safe
  • Calvin and Lindsay — Jeopardy
  • Laurie and Val — Safe

During the final moments of the show, Tom Bergeron announced that Amber and Maks would not be moving on to Week 7. Are you surprise that they were eliminated this week or did you expect them to go home?

Next week, Len Goodman will return to the judges’ table. The remaining couples will dance to songs from different eras and DWTS will also bring back the team dances on Week 8 (October 24).


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