‘Teen Mom OG’: Tyler Baltierra’s Dad Butch Is Back In Jail

Teen Mom OG star Tyler Baltierra’s father, Butch Baltierra, is back behind bars. Butch, who was released from a lengthy prison stint just over a year ago, is now back in jail.

According to Radar Online, Butch, whose real name is Darl Baltierra, was incarcerated at Michigan’s St. Clair County jail for six days this month. On October 13, Catelynn Lowell’s father-in-law was transferred to another facility. A few days later, Catelynn revealed that Butch’s girlfriend, Nadine, was using his phone, likely because Baltierra was behind bars.

According to the report, the reason why Butch Baltierra is back in jail hasn’t been revealed as of yet. However, the Teen Mom OG grandpa was charged in June after he was caught driving on a suspended/revoked license for the second time. Butch reportedly pleaded guilty to the charges in September, and that is assumed to be the reason why he’s currently back in jail. Sadly, Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell are very unhappy about Butch being incarcerated yet again, as he’s been in jail for most of Tyler’s life.

Since being released from prison the last time, Butch had promised to stay out of trouble.

“I feel bad about some of the things I’ve done,” he told the website after his August 2015 prison release.

However, if the charge is for driving on a suspended license, that means Butch didn’t get busted for drugs, alcohol, or violence this time around.

Teen Mom OG star Butch Baltierra in jail again.

Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra now have the task of telling those close to them that Butch is back behind bars. The couple are said to be very upset by Butch’s arrest, and the subject matter will probably be touched on during an upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG, which will likely air during the next season of the MTV reality series.

“Catelynn and Tyler are breaking the news to friends. They are obviously upset.”

Back in August, Teen Mom OG stars Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra celebrated Butch’s hard work and commitment to being sober by throwing him a sweet anniversary party to commemorate his one-year of sobriety out of prison. The couple celebrated the huge milestone with a cake and a small party.

Tyler took to his social media to share his pride for his father saying, “Happy 1 year on the outs. No violations and still sober. Good job Butch!”

Teen Mom OG: Tyler Baltierra's father Butch back in jail.

After Butch’s most recent release from prison, he and Tyler had been working on their relationship. Since Butch had been behind bars for the majority of Tyler’s life, the father and son were really getting to know each other for the first time. During the last Teen Mom OG reunion special, Butch used FaceTime to talk with his son, Dr. Drew, and fans. Butch revealed he true feelings for his son and moved nearly everyone to tears.

“He’s part of me and I think he’s the most wonderful human being I’ve ever met. My life is so great right now, my soul can barely handle it.”

Fans are hoping that Butch will be out of jail much more quickly this time around, although the offense may have been a violation of his parole. So far, neither Catelynn Lowell or Tyler Baltierra have commented on Butch’s incarceration, but they may choose to do so via social media now that it’s been made public.

Instead, they’ve been busy attending Teen Mom OG co-star Maci Bookout’s wedding, working on their new “passion project,” as they’ve teased on Twitter, and dealing with the latest issues in their marriage, which stem from Catelynn’s depression and anxiety problems. What are your thoughts on Butch Baltierra being back in jail again?

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