NFL Rumors: Frank Gore Regrets Signing With Indianapolis Colts

There have been many instances in the history of the NFL where it has been proven that free agency is a gamble, and Frank Gore has become the latest story. The bruising running back appears to regret his decision to sign with the Indianapolis Colts last summer, as reported by Fox Sports.

On Sunday night, the Indianapolis Colts had a big game against the Houston Texans, their division rival. The team had been struggling a bit thus far this season, so this was a great opportunity for them to try to turn the season around. It also was a chance to show the NFL that they were still relevant.

With only seven minutes left in the game, the Indianapolis Colts were ahead of the Houston Texans by a score of 23-9 in the fourth quarter. They appeared on their way towards joining the Texans for the lead spot in the AFC South with a 3-2 record.

In situations like that, a player like Frank Gore is perfect. He’s the type of ground-and-pound running back that can churn up yards and eat up the clock. Gore could have kept the Houston Texans offense on the sidelines long enough to secure the victory for the Indianapolis Colts.

The Houston Texans managed to score two touchdowns in the fourth quarter to beat the Indianapolis Colts by a final tally of 26-23. Frustration sank in, not only because of the game but because of the entire season. The Colts are now dead last in the AFC South with a 2-4 record.

When Frank Gore became a free agent, he decided to leave the San Francisco 49ers, a team that was on the verge of a downward spiral. Gore wanted to join a team that would enable him to make it to the NFL Playoffs and contend for a Super Bowl, so he chose the Indianapolis Colts.

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck

The Indianapolis Colts were an appealing team for Frank Gore because of the presence of Andrew Luck, one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL. Gore felt that he could complement the passing game by providing a power running game like he did for so many years with the San Francisco 49ers.

Unfortunately for Frank Gore, things have not worked out as he had hoped. Since joining the Indianapolis Colts, he has yet to play in an NFL Playoffs game. With the way that things are going this season, there is a good chance that Gore will be watching the postseason from home again.

A big part of the problem for the Indianapolis Colts is the fact that their defense simply is unable to stop opponents on the NFL level. Regardless of how well an offense plays, it is really hard to win games if the defense cannot prevent points.

Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano

The next three games are going to be quite the test for the Indianapolis Colts. The Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, and Green Bay Packers are tough opponents. There is a very good chance that the Colts could lose all three games, which would make it really difficult for them to reach the NFL Playoffs.

It will be interesting to see the mentality of Frank Gore if it becomes apparent that the Indianapolis Colts are going to be missing the NFL Playoffs again. A player can only give so much. Gore produced 106 rushing yards in that devastating loss to the Houston Texans.

If it were possible, Frank Gore would more than likely prefer to be with another team at this point in time, preferably one that has a good chance of making it to the NFL Playoffs. Gore simply wants a chance to compete before he retires.

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