India Love Westbrooks: Does Sister Crystal’s Twitter Hint About India’s Supposed Affair With Drake After Break Up With Rihanna?

In Hollywood, it seems like relationships are changing every other day, and Drake and Rihanna are no exceptions to that rule. The rapper has been on-and-off with Ri-Ri for some time, but now whispers are emerging that he might be dating model India Love. So, what is the deal? For info on the supposed relationship, we don’t have to look very far; sources are saying her sister’s social media accounts might hold some details.

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The International Business Times noted that Drake and Crystal previously dated, and a tweet Crystal sent out stated “….that awkward moment when she hops on your exes.” Could this have been a veiled reference to India? Or was it a shot at Ri-Ri? If the dating rumors are true, fan response has been lukewarm at best.

Neither woman has chimed in on Crystal’s since-deleted tweet. However, E! Online notes that India has reportedly been “hooking up” with the Hotline Bling singer for weeks, and the two were recently spotted together at a suite during the Blue Jays game. Could this imply that they are officially together?

Also up for debate is whether Drizzy and the Barbadian pop star have ever been in an exclusive relationship or been formally together at all. Some say the relationship between the two was never exclusive, or that they had just been close friends and constant presences in one another’s lives, not dating.

Whatever the case, Ri-Ri took a swing at the Hold On, We’re Going Home singer on Instagram by posting “None of my exs are married or in happy relationships so it’s safe to say that I wasn’t da [sic] problem.” Ouch! The Toronto native doesn’t seem to be affected by the burn, though.


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If Love is seeing the Canadian rapper, her social media accounts made no sign of this. However, she did tweet a message that seemingly referenced the Work hitmaker, stating “I think it’s mad crazy how you could really be dating someone for a long time & be completely blind to who they really are.” Zing!

Sources list the reason for the break-up as conflicts in the stars’ schedules, but could India Love also play a role? The official reason for the split was given as Drizzy not having time to give Ri what she wanted. Nothing about the supposed love triangle is official. quoted a source close to the rapper saying he felt India was using him for attention and never wanted to get seriously involved with her beyond hooking up.

Whatever Drake may say, though, he’s been spotted in public with Love on several occasions. Crystal Westbrook apologized to her sister for the remarks regarding her sister’s supposed relationship with the rapper. Stories also arose suggesting the 29-year-old artist may have cheated on Ri with India before their relationship officially ended.

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It’s possible Drake’s alleged affair with India goes even deeper. mentioned that the “Needed Me” singer’s ex, Cliff Dixon, supposedly cheated on Ri-Ri with Love. Could this be a grab for revenge?

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The two artists are reportedly seeing other people. Despite having feels for one another, they cannot seem to make things work and aren’t exclusive anymore.

Drake has done nothing to either fuel or crush the rumors. In fact, he seems to be avoiding the topic of India Love altogether. Drake’s Twitter has no mention of her name, and Instagram is equally neutral. Is Drake trying to starve Love of the attention he thinks she’s craving?

The New Zealand Herald reports that Drake declared his love for the Rihanna at the MTV Video Music Awards in August, and said the Barbados native had been someone he’d looked up to his entire life. It seems unlikely that Drizzy would dial up India Love and cheat on Rihanna if his feelings for the Pon De Replay artist are real. Let us know what you think of the supposed India/Ri-Ri/Drizzy love triangle.

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