WWE Rumors: Paige And Alberto Del Rio Engaged, Wife’s Lawyer Says Del Rio And Angela Velkei Still Married?

The latest WWE rumors are circulating about Paige and Alberto Del Rio getting engaged this past weekend. During a live event in Puerto Rico, the former WWE Divas Champion was seen getting down on her knees in the ring. Eventually, Alberto Del Rio said “Si” or “Yes” to the proposal, and later Paige gushed about the engagement and her love. However, there’s still a wife who is in the picture for Del Rio, and her lawyer has spoken up about it all.

On Monday, Pro Wrestling Sheet reported that Del Rio’s wife’s lawyer Raymond Rafool gave a statement. He claims that Del Rio’s divorce from his wife is not yet finalized and added they are “far from it at this stage.”

Rafool gave more comments about the situation, indicating that the young women’s wrestling star needs to be cautious.

“Of course, Paige should watch carefully how Alberto is denying and treating his current wife and the mother of his children in this divorce. History repeats itself.”

WWE rumors of Alberto Del Rio and Paige engaged on Sunday
Alberto Del Rio on the ring apron at a WWE wrestling match. [Image by WWE.com]

For those wondering, Del Rio’s current wife is named Angela Velkei. The couple had three children together and reportedly filed divorce papers in 2016. So they are still in the process of legally sorting out child custody and who gets what properties in a settlement between the two.

The Wrestling News site reports Del Rio’s marriage had ended as of May 27 of this year with his wife filing for divorce in June over claims of adultery. The separation date between his wife Angela was listed as just two weeks after Del Rio and Paige’s relationship went public. Del Rio had indicated he ended his relationship with his wife back in June of 2015 due to her being “guilty of cruel treatment” towards him. As the lawyer indicated, Paige is the one who needs to be careful, though. So it’s certainly a messy situation all around with a lot of “he said, she said” swirling here.

An article via Inquisitr first reported on the in-ring proposal which came on Sunday night in Puerto Rico. Paige got in the ring after her boyfriend’s match against Carlito, another former WWE star, for a WWC event and supposedly popped the big question. Fans encouraged Del Rio with “Yes” chants to help him with the big decision.

There are plenty of fans who feel this is really just a work for publicity because Del Rio has a new mixed martial arts career he’s working on. It’s possible that Paige was simply helping out the man she claims she is deeply in love with. The two have been making headlines for a few months now, not just because they’re dating, but because both were suspended from WWE for violation of the company’s Wellness Policy.

Del Rio ended up getting let go by the company after his recent 30-day suspension. Paige has not yet done so but was part of rumors that she was looking to leave. Not long after her first-ever suspension with WWE for 30 days, she was suspended for her second time. A third time would result in automatic termination from the pro wrestling company. One has to wonder if she will be able to get herself together to continue with WWE, or if she is more in love with Del Rio and wants to aid her man in his latest ventures.

Paige was last seen working in the WWE back in June but was then suspended for 30 days on August 18. WWE suspended her once again on October 10, this time for 60 days for another violation of the wellness policy. Once the news of her proposal to Del Rio went viral on the internet, it brought plenty of Twitter comments too.


Meanwhile, Del Rio has all sorts of new ventures going on. Just recently he became President of an MMA promotion called Combate Americas. He mentioned in a TMZ video clip from the street that he was opening a restaurant in the San Antonio area with his business partner. That comes in addition to him working the independent circuit, and of course dating Paige.

If the proposal and engagement are the real deal, then it could be a while before any wedding happens or a marriage is made official. However, the two seem to be enjoying one another’s company quite a bit during their free time. This situation already seems to echo another one which took place in WWE history involving former wrestlers CM Punk and AJ Lee. Punk eventually left the company because he was unhappy there. His love interest, now wife, AJ Lee, followed after him, leaving the WWE. With how smitten Paige appears to be with Del Rio, will she also be leaving the WWE Universe in her wake?

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