Did Lindsay Lohan Open A Nightclub In Greece With Her Latest Beau?

Having just broken up with her Russian fiance, Egor Tarabasov, perhaps opening a nightclub in Athens with rebound boyfriend Dennis Papageorgiou is not the best idea for Lindsay Lohan’s alleged sobriety. After losing the Grand Theft Auto lawsuit, and breaking off her engagement to a man who she says beat her, Lohan has launched a nightclub in Greece that she says will be the first in a chain.

To hear Lindsay Lohan tell it, her engagement to Russian Egor Tarabasov seemed doomed from the start, says the Inquisitr. Lohan claims that Tarabasov is broke, and she was forced to buy her own engagement ring. Lohan also says that Tarabasov allegedly broke into where she was staying to assault her, and photos were published of some type of physical altercation between the two on a beach. Lindsay now claims that new beau, Dennis Papageorgiou was her knight in shining armor, and saved her from Tarabasov, as he broke up one of their fights where she claims she feared for her life.

Lindsay Lohan opened her LOHAN Nightclub in Athens on Saturday night with new boyfriend Dennis Papageorgiou, who is also a restaurateur and now Lohan’s business partner, said Maxim. To welcome everyone, Lindsay gave a speech, but some things never change, because when she still hear people talking, she yelled into the mic “Shut the f*** up!”


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Lohan nightclub opened to a full house, and Lindsay says that she and Papageorgiou now have their eyes on Hong Kong, New York, and Istanbul for the next locations of Lohan Nightclub. Lohan says then she wants to open a chain of spas, helping Syria refugees along the way.

PageSix claims that party girl Lindsay Lohan is heading back to her natural habitat, the nightclub, where the music is loud, and drinks flow. Though Lindsay, who has battled substance abuse in the past had said she cleaned up her act, anyone in recovery knows that getting into the bar business is not the best thing for sobriety. Boyfriend Dennis Papageorgiou is said to be the money man in the operation, but he has allegedly given Lohan a percentage of the ownership. A rep for Lohan Nightclub put out a statement telling the world how excited they are to launch this new venture.

“Lindsay and Dennis are getting ready to welcome the Athenian enfant gâté, as well as Lindsay’s Hollywood circle, at their new nightclub in downtown Athens.”

Dennis Papageorgiou is also the owner of the restaurant, Rakkan.

Opening night was said to be a success, and Lindsay Lohan posted a number of photos on Instagram according to Entertainment Tonight. A spokesman for Lohan says that the club will feature “commercial and R&B music,” as well as a show of “flying dancers.” Lohan wants to call on her famous friends to host their gatherings at her new place.

“I would love to host one night with @kyliejenner.”

In one of her photo captions, Lindsay Lohan thanked Dennis Papageorgiou, calling him her business partner and “dear friend.” But party-goers had few complaints, and opening night was a full house.

“Everyone was totally loving it. [Lindsay] was crazy happy. She also gave a speech thanking everyone and thanking Dennis for making it all happen.”

Lindsay Lohan has promised to be at the club at least three or four times a month to mix with those who come to Lohan.

Do you think opening a nightclub with a rebound man is a good idea for Lindsay Lohan?

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