Jules Wainstein Struggling Financially: Michael Skips Out On Spousal Support?

Jules Wainstein has been keeping a low profile since she left The Real Housewives of New York earlier this season. Jules filmed the reunion special with the ladies and then she decided to focus on her children. During the reunion special, Wainstein confirmed that her husband had indeed cheated on her with another woman while they were filming the show. While Michael could easily fake his happiness throughout the season, he was later spotted with his mistress on the streets of New York. And sadly, his mistress looked a lot like Jules.

According to a new Reality Tea report, Jules Wainstein is now revealing that Michael seems to have moved on from his marriage completely, even though a judge has sided in her favor. Their marriage ended with a police intervention, restraining orders and physical arguments in their New York apartment. It makes sense that Jules filed for divorce over his infidelity, but now she’s revealing that Michael isn’t paying the spousal support that the judge has put in place for Jules Wainstein.

Even though Michael and Jules may have pretended that they could pay for a lavish New York lifestyle while filming The Real Housewives of New York, it sounds like both of them are struggling financially. While she’s not really working to pay for the New York apartment, Michael isn’t the millionaire he may have tried to portray on the show. Apparently, his lawyer has revealed that he can’t dish up the $10,000 a month he’s supposed to be dishing out for Wainstein.

When she learned that the payments wouldn’t come through, Jules Wainstein decided to file documents against her estranged husband for failing to pay up. Apparently, he hasn’t even paid for his children’s school tuition or utilities. In other words, Jules Wainstein may be paying for everything out of her own pocket, which could prove to be very expensive.


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In her filing, Jules tells the judge that Michael should be held in contempt for his failure to follow the court’s orders. Oddly enough, this would put him even deeper in the hole, which would cost him even more. Unless Jules knows that he has the money to dish up, she probably won’t put him in more legal trouble that could delay any payments that are ordered to her.

According to Reality Tea, Jules Wainstein and her estranged husband are now sharing their New York apartment again, possibly because Wainstein doesn’t want to tell and Michael can’t afford to buy another home. They can’t seem to communicate with one another, and they can’t seem to get along. While sharing the resident in New York, the police were called, and restraining orders were issues. One has to wonder how the children are coping with this setup.

If they are living together, one has to wonder if the judge will give Michael a break when it comes to his spousal support to Jules Wainstein. If he’s working as much as before and not paying the bills, it makes sense that Jules would need some extra dollars on her bank account. But if Michael is still paying for everything while living in the home, it makes sense that he could catch a break.

What do you think of Jules Wainstein going to the courts to get some legal help to get spousal support from her estranged husband?

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