Is Donald Trump Falling In Polls? Hillary Clinton Accused On Twitter Of Partaking In Voter Fraud, Plus The 5 Craziest Trump Twitter Memes

Could the sun be setting on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign? Even as polls report an almost nonexistent chance that Donald Trump will end up in the White House, he is accusing opponent Hillary Clinton of participating in voter fraud. Calling the election “rigged,” The Don has pointed fingers at everyone from the Clinton campaign to the mainstream media. Trump has accused the media of “pushing” Clinton as a candidate, and of covering up many of the misdeeds Clinton has participated in.

For example, social media sources accused Clinton of using donations to the Clinton Foundation for her own personal spending. According to the allegations, Hillary and Bill used the guise of a fundraiser for Haiti to line their own pockets with “donations” to the Clinton Foundation. However, mainstream TV and news outlets seemingly buried this issue, with the only evidence a few rare social media posts.

A civilian also pointed out on Twitter that Chelsea Clinton sits on the Board of Directors for IAC, a company which owns the Daily Beast, after that newspaper wrote an article stating 94 percent of all terror attacks are not carried out by Muslims. Could this article have been aimed at making Donald’s immigration reform plan look ineffective?

It seems true that Hillary’s wrongdoings have been largely left out of the media spotlight. Trump also complained on Twitter that Hillary received no punishment over her leaked email scandal and accused the State Department of trying to cover up the controversy. Trump’s claims may hold water here as well.

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According to the Washington Examiner, new documents from the FBI investigation of Clinton’s emails show the State Department offering to boost the FBI presence in Iraq in exchange for the Bureau of Investigation keeping silent on Clinton’s leaked emails. Trump disapproved of this on Twitter and was quick to attack Clinton’s campaign.

Additionally, Trump supporters are angry that Hillary received no punishment for her actions. The Donald himself tweeted, “WikiLeaks proves even the Clinton campaign knew Crooked [Hillary] mishandled classified info, but nobody gets charged? RIGGED!” This refers to thousands of sensitive emails between Clinton campaign chair John Podesta and Clinton’s staff, which the classified information site leaked several weeks ago.

Trump wasn’t sated by just attacking Clinton, however. The Donald also attacked leaders from his own party and implied they were in on the alleged voting fraud. Trump claims that Clinton received the questions to be asked at the presidential debates ahead of time.

This could be supported by the fact that Hillary seemed vastly more prepared to answer questions at both the first and second debates. All the madness of the 2016 election has not gone unnoticed on the interwebs, of course, and Twitter alone is a gold mine for Trump and Hillary memes. Here are some of the best election memes and gags.

#MovieTitleToDescribeElection is pretty self-explanatory. The hashtag has been popping up all over Twitter, resulting in utter wackiness from both sides. One citizen even summed the 2016 election up as “Dumb and Dumber.”

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Many voters also expressed outrage that support for Trump just recently started waning. It wasn’t until allegations that Trump groped and sexually assaulted women came to light several weeks ago that his public and GOP support began to fall in huge numbers.

A CNN“Poll Of Polls” that includes the NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll; The Washington Post/ABC News Poll; Fox News Polls; and the G.W. Battleground Poll has Clinton ahead of Trump, with 47 percent of voters preferring the Democratic nominee to Trump’s 39 percent. Additionally, Libertarian Gary Johnson commands 7 percent of the vote, while Green Party nominee Dr. Jill Stein has 2 percent.

Whether there is a controversy or not, it’s pretty clear The Donald is fast descending through the polls. Many members of Trump’s party oppose him for President, with a handful of GOP senators calling for Donald to step down. However, some want the Republican Party to lie in the orangey bed they made. Certain Democratic Party supporters see dethroning The Don as a way to undo the consequences of choosing him as the GOP’s nominee.

However, not all is lost if the GOP does want a do-over. According to the Daily Beast’s interview with Stanford Law Professor Nathaniel Persilly, the Republican Party can legally: Replace Trump if he withdraws voluntarily; create a fillable vacancy by ousting Trump without The Don’s approval; or replace Trump as the nominee without losing votes from states already committed to vote red.

Some states’ party systems operate in such a way that the state’s Electoral College members must vote for the candidate whose party gets the majority of votes. This means that if Trump is replaced with another Republican candidate, those states already legally bound to the Republican ticket would have to vote for said replacement.

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