Next Presidential Debate Topics: Should Next Debate Discuss The Donald Trump Rape Case, Trump Groping Women, And His Rigged Election Claim?

With the next presidential debate only two days away on October 19, and with Donald Trump dead in the most recent election polls, the next debate could – in theory – be a dull formality. But in all likelihood, Donald Trump is going to attack Hillary Clinton even more viciously in the next debate than he did in the last.

What We Can Expect Next

Presidential debate tactics usually suggest both party’s candidates try to seem as presidential as possible. Certainly, this is what Hillary Clinton has done in the first two debates – and quite successfully.

Clinton has largely avoided full attacks against Trump about his recent scandals and statements, only mentioning them here and there in the debates. But should she be prepared to launch a counterattack against her opponent regarding the Donald Trump rape case, bragging about groping women, and his excuse of a rigged election?

Yes, this election has already resulted in things being discussed on the national debate stage that are next to impossible to explain to the kids. Yet, since Donald Trump seems likely to continue in this same vein – and since even more revelations have come out about his alleged sexual assaults – it might be wise for Hillary Clinton to take the gloves off at the next presidential debate.

Misogyny at the Next Debate

The most recent video and audio releases regarding Donald Trump’s sexually explicit and threatening statements about women are by now well-known to the next presidential debate audience. The things that Trump admits to on these tapes literally can’t be published without using “***” to block out some of the letters.

More recent revelations regarding comments made by Trump in which he suggested to both 14- and 10-year-old girls that he would be dating them soon once again demonstrated that Donald Trump can always find new ways to shock the American people.

From these comments to Trump’s Howard Stern chats and his “locker room” talk with Billy Bush, one has to conclude that Donald Trump must have thought the 19th amendment had already been repealed. Otherwise, Trump would never have run for office with so many potential scandals involving women – and even young girls – just waiting to leap out of the closet.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the latest election polls results, as reported by CBS News, reveal that Donald Trump is facing the largest gender voting gap between men and women since 1952. Currently, some national election polls show Hillary Clinton with a 20 point lead over Donald Trump among women.

The Donald Trump Rape Case

Something Clinton could bring up at the next presidential debate – but might definitely be reluctant to discuss on national television – is the Donald Trump rape case. Recently, a judge has agreed to hear a case next December in which Donald Trump is charged with the rape of a 13-year-old girl.

This rape allegation was previously dismissed by the Trump campaign and largely ignored by the news media as a hoax. But the recent revelations regarding Trump’s comments about – and to – adult women and young girls have brought it into the public eye again.

On the other hand, Clinton will probably avoid this topic at the next debate, given the assumption of innocence in any court case and the desire not to taint a possible future jury. Not to mention the distaste she might feel for discussing it at a presidential debate setting.

Clinton Speaking at debate as Trump looks on. The Next Presidential debate is soon.

The Donald Trump Rigged Election Claim

An absolutely unprecedented topic for the next presidential debate would be a discussion of Donald Trump’s claim that the entire election is rigged, including the debate process itself. No prior presidential candidate has ever so absolutely and blatantly questioned the integrity of the election process itself.

This accusation would be horrible if it were actually true. However, Donald Trump has next to no evidence of this conspiracy between the media, election officials, Hillary Clinton, the Republican Party, and, as reported by CNN, Saturday Night Live.

Trump nevertheless still points to a rigged election as an excuse for his now almost inevitable defeat in the next few weeks. Since the next presidential debate will be the last opportunity to do so, Clinton might want to bring this issue up with her debate opponent.

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