Bryan Cranston Says A Donald Trump Biopic Is Inevitable, And He Wants The Lead Role

Bryan Cranston has won accolades for portraying Lyndon B. Johnson in All the Way, an HBO biographical film drama based on the presidency of the former U.S. President. Even though Bryan Cranston has established himself as a talented actor by playing popular on-screen characters in television series like Breaking Bad, Malcolm in the Middle, and Seinfeld, his portrayal of Lyndon B. Johnson can be considered as an important landmark in his acting career.

However, Bryan Cranston still craves self-fulfillment as he believes that he is yet to get an opportunity to utilize his acting skills to play one of the most controversial politicians of all time: Donald Trump. The Breaking Bad actor does not have any reservations in playing a diverse range of characters, but he would be particularly gratified if he gets to play Donald Trump.

To prove his acting skills, Bryan Cranston mimicked Donald Trump by doing a perfect impression. According to USA Today, the actor was able to pick up Donald Trump’s hand gestures when he had met the politician on an earlier occasion.

Bryan Cranston has also suggested that Heidi Klum could be the perfect actress to play Melania Trump in any upcoming Trump biopic.

Bryan’s revelation may have shocked many of his fans as well as fellow celebrities who are up in arms against the Republican Presidential candidate due to his controversial political rhetoric. However, it is natural for a talented actor like Bryan Cranston to harbor a desire to play Donald Trump as the politician is well-known for his theatrics.

Moreover, Donald Trump is known to have many sides to his personality which are perceived differently by different people. Trump’s supporters view him as a charismatic leader while his opponents have perceived him as racist, misogynistic, and even preposterous at times. Being a multi-faceted actor, Bryan Cranston may be more interested in portraying the many shades of Trump’s personality rather than merely portraying him as a political figure.

Additionally, the Breaking Bad actor has earlier criticized Donald Trump’s policies by attacking the various ways that the Presidential candidate has envisaged solving America’s problems.

According to E! Online, the actor revealed that he is confident that sooner or later enthusiastic filmmakers will try to bring the Republican Presidential candidate’s life story to the silver screen.

“Currently, Donald Trump seems to be the character who you think you’d want to be able to do. They’re going to do his life story at some point, and I’d like to be considered for that.”

As strange as it may sound, Bryan Cranston, who is fond of playing a variety of characters, has been very choosy on several occasions when he turned down the opportunity to play some of the most popular roles. Previously, the Infiltrator actor has reportedly refused to play the iconic role of Lex Luthor, the fictional DC Comics supervillain who was earlier immortalized by legendary actors like Gene Hackman and Kevin Spacey.

Bryan Cranston was once approached by Warner Bros to play the supervillain in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. However, the actor admitted that he has always strived to play unique roles that haven’t been played by any actor in the past. According to Movie Pilot, Bryan Cranston spoke about his intention to carve a niche for himself by being careful in selecting his film roles.

“Villain-wise… I’m interested in creating a role. I’d love to do something that hasn’t been done before… Lex Luthor has been… there’s been a lot of that.”

Additionally, Bryan Cranston has refused to play the role of Commissioner Gordon in Justice League as does not view the popular DC Comics character, as a unique character as it has been previously played by a number of actors that include Gary Oldman and Pat Hingle. In fact, Bryan Cranston himself had previously lent his voice to Commissioner Gordon’s character when it was featured in Batman: Year One, the 2011 animated film.

[Featured Image by Jordan Strauss/AP Images]