Jenelle Evans Pregnancy: ‘Teen Mom’ Star Teases Surprise And Filming While In Labor?

Jenelle Evans announced her third pregnancy this summer, revealing that she is expecting a baby girl with boyfriend David Eason. The two have been together for a while, and Jenelle reveals that her relationship with David is perfect. Many expected that Evans would have a child with David, as she has had a child with almost every boyfriend she’s had since she broke things off with her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers. While she kept saying that she was super happy with Nathan Griffith, things quickly fell apart after he admitted to cheating.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is now revealing that she may have something up her sleeve that her fans will enjoy sooner rather than later. It’s no secret that the girls have been filming a new season of Teen Mom, so Evans may be back on MTV early next year, but it sounds like she’s doing something else. And fans are curious as to what this Teen Mom star is working on.

“Surprise coming soon??” one person questioned Jenelle, who replied with, “Yes there is!!!” sharing emoticons that could hint that her surprise has something to do with her baby girl.

Evans has revealed that she’s due in January, so it is very early to go into labor. But her Snapchats have recently revealed that she was in the hospital and some people thought that it had something to do with her birth. However, it sounds like it has nothing to do with her birth and Jenelle is not currently in labor.

“What are you filming on your Snapchat? Looks like you’re in labor,” one person questioned, to which Jenelle Evans replied, “I’ll announce it soon!”


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These days, Evans is dating David Eason and it sounds like she’s focusing on their relationship and her two sons. He seems to be a great support system for her, as she’s preparing to become a mother for the third time. As for her second son, Jace, Nathan hasn’t seen him in over a month. Evans recently called out Nathan on social media, saying that her ex-boyfriend is choosing not to see his son.

“It’s sad it’s been a month since you saw your child… but you are choosing to which is even more insane….,” Jenelle Evans wrote, hinting that Nathan Griffith hadn’t seen his son Kaiser is over a month.

It is interesting that Jenelle is pregnant with her third child, considering she recently revealed that she was struggling financially. Sure, she gets a paycheck from MTV for filming Teen Mom and she keeps saying that David is working as well. And yet, Jenelle was struggling to keep everything together, as she also hinted that she was using food stamps. Evans has been a stay-at-home mother for a long time and she’s now complaining about not having enough money. She hasn’t worked in months and she isn’t making too much money. The money she does have are spent on lavish vacations.

Evans can’t share what she’s working on these days but hopefully it will give her some money in her bank account, so she can take care of this third child. This is the first girl for Evans, who has two sons with two separate men. Maybe Jenelle Evans has filmed another show, as several of the other Teen Mom stars have filmed separate shows. Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra have all appeared on Couples Therapy, for example.

What do you think of Jenelle Evans’ Snapchat videos? Do you think she’s working on something related to her birth or do you think the time in the hospital had something to do with a career?

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